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Through the eyes of a loved one

The feeling of connection through hearing is immensely strong. In an emotional video series, Advanced Bionics lets the families of people with cochlear implants to discuss what it means to them that their loved ones can hear and connect. 

How does a father, a partner, or a daughter remember the moment when a loved one was able to hear (again)? Sonova’s Cochlear Implants brand Advanced Bionics (AB) wanted to find out in their “The Moments” campaign. Real, touching stories showcase people who hear with AB cochlear implants (CI) as told by their loved ones. You learn how they experienced the hearing journey of their loved ones and what the regained connection means to them. 

“As soon as Percy heard the music, he just ran to the dancefloor.”

Music has always played an important part in the life of Meghan and her husband, Sean. So, when they first learned that their son Percy failed his newborn hearing screening, they cried a lot. Meghan says: “We kept talking about all of the things that were important to us, that he might never be able to experience.” So, when they found out that Percy was eligible for a cochlear implant it was clear that was the way they wanted to go. Now Percy is 7 years old, and hears, speaks, and loves to sing. He is learning to play the guitar, the drums, and the piano. Meghan says that they are just so happy to have had the opportunity to give their son the gift of hearing. 

“I am so grateful that you are able to hear me say how proud I am of you.”

As a young girl Imani lost her hearing, and at the age of nine received her cochlear implant. Her mother clearly remembers initially discovering her daughter’s hearing loss and the appointment at the audiologist back then: Imani was supposed to wiggle a bear when hearing certain sounds. But she never got to wiggle that bear because she couldn’t hear. “That broke my heart,” her mom says. She worried that Imani couldn’t experience all the things a young girl is supposed to. However, Imani would achieve all the things she desired. Today Imani’s mother says: “I appreciate every moment we’ve had and to get moments back through her hearing.”

“I could see the light in your eyes instantly returned.”

Jack was first fitted with hearing aids when he retired. “However, over the years his hearing deteriorated to the point where he was no longer able to enjoy many things we took for granted,” tells his wife, Patricia. Even their weekly family dinners became frustrating because he could no longer follow conversations. When Jack became a candidate for a cochlear implant, they regained hope. Patricia remembers the moment after the surgery when his implant activated: “I could see the light in your eyes instantly returned.” With Jack’s restored hearing, their life is much richer. Sometimes Patricia even forgets that he has a hearing loss. 

On AB’s dedicated homepage, you can learn more about Percy, Imani, and Jack, and their hearing journeys. There you will also find the stories of David and Shobana. And even more videos will be added to the homepage over the coming months. So stay tuned.