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Sonova develops and markets hearing care solutions in two segments – hearing instruments and cochlear implants

Hearing instruments 

The hearing aid market continues to grow, driven by long-term socio-economic forces. It is also a diverse market, requiring a broad range of technologically advanced solutions and high reach customer service channels. At the same time, the market is still relatively under-served: We estimate that, while in developed markets 70 % of people with severe-to-profound hearing loss have hearing aids to help them, only 10 % of those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss currently use hearing instruments. Younger or less affected people are also increasing adoption as technology moves toward ever better sound quality and smaller, more discreet devices. For every preference and individual lifestyle, there is now a hearing solution that can greatly improve quality of life.

At Sonova we have the optimal solution for every user, tailored to the individual’s needs by hearing care professionals in a broad range of personalized service channels, and offered through well-established global brands: Phonak, Unitron and Hansaton.

Audiological Care

We assure exceptional and state-of-the-art audiological care for our customers, presented in a modern, attractive environment and backed by the highest technological standards in hearing aids and in-store diagnostic and fitting equipment.

Cochlear implants

Within the market for hearing solutions, we see a significant and promising market for cochlear implants. This market is still relatively young: the first implant only gained FDA approval in 1984. Cochlear implants bring the promise of greatly improved hearing experience and clear, intelligible speech to children and adults with significant hearing loss.

Sonova serves the cochlear implant market through the Advanced Bionics brand. Putting the patient first, Advanced Bionics brings continuous innovation to this remarkable technology, delivering the promise of clear, high-resolution sound and optimal speech understanding to children and adults with significant hearing loss.

Virtual production tour

Have you ever wondered how a hearing aid is produced? Our short movie takes you on a virtual tour through our production center in Switzerland. The proximity of this competence center to both the developers and engineers allows Sonova to test, optimize and introduce new cutting edge technologies and processes.