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Share data

ListingSIX Swiss Exchange
Security No.1254978 
Ticker symbolSOON 
Par valueCHF 0.05 
Current number of shares issued 59,626,809


Registered shares

(number of shares)31.03.202431.03.202331.03.202231.03.2021
Total shares issued59,626,80961,159,71963,172,15764,398,137
Treasury shares1)-13,587-1,566,263-2,084,471-1,355,464


1) The Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of June 12, 2023, approved the proposed cancellation of 1,532,910 treasury shares. This cancellation has been executed in September, 2023.

Market capitalization

(in CHF million)31.03.202431.03.202331.03.202231.03.2021
Market capitalization15,56916,42824,48616,125


Earnings per share (EPS)

(in CHF)2023/242022/232021/222020/21
Basic EPS (adjusted) 1)10.0611.1410.767.71


1) Non-GAAP financial measure adjusted for nonrecurring items; for details see the table “Reconciliation of non-GAAP financial measures" in the financial review or refer to the respective annual report.

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