Sonova Stories

collaboration based on trust


Collaboration based on trust

The First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University is one of China’s leading clinics for cochlear implants, and it is here that Dr. Jianxin Qiu has already fitted hundreds of devices manufactured by the Sonova brand… Read more

Ellie Phonak Teen advisory board


From teen to teen

Sonova’s Teen Advisory Board has successfully helped its Phonak brand connect more effectively with its Generation Z target demographic. A group of hand-picked youngsters have been encouraging their peers and comparing notes on… Read more

Natália Martins - Sonova brnd ambassador


“Being able to hear makes me feel alive”

Natália Martins is a professional volleyball player who wears hearing aids made by Sonova brand Phonak. Having worn hearing instruments since losing her hearing in childhood, she is able to interact freely with the outside world… Read more

Audiological care


A service almost fit for a king

Audition Santé’s specialist audiology store in Versailles is a shining example of the success that has been achieved in the audiological care business in France. The secret? Bespoke service that offers customers comprehensive… Read more