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Women sits on a motorbike

Preserving passion and protecting one’s hearing

They dance, they build, they roar – and they always protect their hearing when engaging in their passion. Watch the stories of Sonova employees Caroline, Justyna, and Quentin.  

“I can’t imagine my life without music”

“Music has been a constant companion throughout my life. I love listening to music whether driving, at festivals, or in the shower," says Caroline Wanyonyi, Test Manager with Sonova. And she is well aware of age-related hearing loss. “That’s definitely something I think about when I am listening to music,” she explains – and naturally protects her ears.  

“Protection is essential when riding heavy motorcycles”

“Riding the motorbike is freedom; it's feeling the wind and focusing on the essential,” Justyna Niewiadomski, Director Clinical Affairs Management with Sonova, describes her feelings about riding her motorcycle. For Justyna, protection means more than just a helmet and pads. She also protects her hearing when riding, applying ear plugs that absorb the noisy airstream but still allow traffic sounds to be heard around her. 

“When the machinery gets loud, I have my ear plugs at hand”

Quentin Rüeger’s workplace at Sonova, where he is a Product Manager of Ear Care, is pretty tranquil. The heavy machinery he operates in his spare time is the opposite. In his free time, Quentin loves to be hands-on with various do-it-yourself projects: He renovates, builds wooden structures, and has recently constructed a birdhouse. None of these structures would be possible without machinery, which can get pretty noisy. “I know that I then have to protect my hearing, so I have my earplugs ready. And it is just so much more comfortable," Quentin explains.  

Sound experiences without regrets

There are various factors that can cause hearing loss. One of the factors that can gradually lead to hearing loss is extended or repeated exposure to loud noises, which can have an adverse effect on one's hearing capability.  

Ears are remarkable features of the human anatomy. They perform complex and demanding tasks, and there are simple measures everyone can take to protect them. 

Learn more about how to deal with exposure to noises in your environment and how to take care of your hearing.

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