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Serving society

We constantly innovate in hearing health care, improve access for people in under-served areas, and engage actively with our communities.

Serving society is at the core of Sonova’s vision to improve the quality of life for millions of people around the world who suffer from hearing loss. We achieve this by developing and continuously enhancing innovative solutions and making sure that our broad portfolio is accessible and affordable to people in an ever-growing number of locations and at all income levels.

Sonova serving society

Initiatives and programs

The fundamental need for hearing solutions is driven by long-term socioeconomic factors. The number of people on our planet will continue to increase. Although populations in low- and middle-income countries are expected to grow the most, even high-income countries with stable populations will face a growing proportion of elderly citizens, who are likely to experience hearing loss. These developments increase demand for hearing care: a large unmet need remains.

The following section provides a description of the most relevant aspects of the " Serving society" pillar of our IntACT ESG strategy:

  • Access to hearing care

    Sonova’s broad range of products and services makes hearing care accessible and affordable to our consumers at various income levels.

    Our declared goal is to offer the most innovative hearing solutions and services available to consumers worldwide, continuously improving speech intelligibility, sound resolution and quality, and ease of use.To achieve this, we operate multiple research and development hubs. 

    Accessibility and affordability are central to our approach. We offer products for all types of hearing loss, from light amplification to cochlear implants for advanced hearing loss, in over 100 countries. We focus on making hearing care accessible and affordable for consumers at various income levels, positively impacting millions of lives. We are committed to developing innovative hearing care solutions and supporting the education and development of hearing care professionals to improve access. 

    To support the growing demand for hearing care professionals, we offer training and education through the Swiss International Hearing Academy (SIHA), a blended-learning program designed to strengthen the expertise of hearing care professionals worldwide.

  • Hearing loss in the context of health

    Untreated hearing loss can lead to social isolation, decreased cognitive abilities, and increased risks of dementia and depression. It can harm personal relationships and work performance, with severe impacts on children, including delayed speech, academic issues, and fewer job opportunities. Sonova has been actively involved in supporting and participating in clinical research for many years to address these challenges and enhance hearing-related products and services.

  • Awareness raising on hearing health

    The importance of good hearing, and the consequences of hearing loss, continue to be underestimated: unaddressed hearing loss is among the three largest causes of years lived with disability around the globe. Therefore, Sonova is committed to raising awareness of hearing health and to addressing stigma related to hearing loss. 

  • Corporate citizenship

    Sonova is committed to being a good corporate citizen, supporting the local communities around our sites and society beyond through the Hear the World Foundation, charitable activities, volunteering, and in-kind and financial donations.