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Hear the World Foundation

34 million children across the world have moderate to profound hearing loss. 80 percent of them live in low- and middle-income countries and often have no access to audiological care. The consequences are serious. Not hearing means that they live in isolation, cannot learn to speak, have problems at school, and later on limited job opportunities.

Access to hearing health care in low- and middle income countries

Against this background, Sonova founded the non-profit Hear the World Foundation in 2006. The Foundation’s aim is to create a world in which everyone has a chance to hear well. 

The Hear the World envisions a world in which

  • each person has the chance of good hearing
  • hearing is cherished and protected
  • wearing a hearing aid is no taboo
  • and people with reduced hearing experience equal opportunities

The Hear the World Foundation supports its project partners in LATAM, EMEA, and APAC with technology, financial resources, and expertise. Sonova Group employees back the executive team and local partners by volunteering on-site or remotely in audiology, operations, marketing, and communications. The focus of the Foundation are projects for children with hearing loss, enabling them to develop to their fullest potential, and  giving them a better chance to live a life without limitations.


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