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Code of Conduct

Our shared core values and beliefs reflect the corporate culture that defines and unites us as a company across all brands and regions. Ethical behavior and unquestionable integrity form the core of our corporate culture. Our reputation for ethical behavior and integrity is one of our most valuable company assets. It is the result of our daily actions and as such it is an integral part of our endeavor to create sustainable success and value. Each one of us is personally responsible and accountable for helping the Sonova Group maintain its reputation for the highest ethical behavior and unquestionable integrity. The Code of Conduct is binding for and applies to all employees within the Sonova Group, its subsidiaries and any contractors or vendors performing work for the Sonova Group or any of its subsidiaries.

SpeakUp Platform

Please go to our external SpeakUp platform to report a complaint directly, or to find the phone numbers if you want to speak with one of the (external) agents directly.