Sonova Retail Denmark ApS runs the retail chain AudioNova, which is Denmark's leading private provider of hearing aids with hearing centers across the country. We deliver and sell hearing aids and associated services. AudioNova offers a portfolio of high-end devices as well as a similar or better treatment and service than the public sector.

We believe that everybody is entitled to good hearing and the best hearing solution if needed. According to official statistics 800.000 persons in Denmark are having a hearing loss, but only half of them have taken action and have sought help. Good hearing increases quality of life. Therefore, one of our missions is to break down the barriers of the usage of hearing aids, and to ensure that it becomes more common to get your hearing checked as well as our eyes are check on a regularly basis.

In Denmark, you can freely choose to get hearing aids from either the public or private sector, and our goal is to be the most preferred hearing care center of the Danes. Our hearing aids and services can totally or partly be covered by grants from the Danish government depending on the price of the hearing aid.In 2016 AudioNova became part of Sonova – one of the world’s leading manufacturer of hearing systems and market leader in wireless communication systems for audiology applications. Sonova’s subsidiary Sonova Audiological Care is globally represented with over 3.500 hearing care centers around the world.

In Denmark, we employ approximately 170 employees around the country. The head office is located in Charlottenlund, and from here different teams; Marketing, HR and Finance support all hearing centers in the country. Charlottenlund is also the location of the Scandinavian headquarter.

  • Headquarter in Charlottenlund, Denmark
  • Hearing centers across the country
  • Around 170 employees