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Why invest in Sonova & strategy

Every person’s experience of hearing loss is different, hence Sonova’s market is naturally diverse. Our mission, though, is simple and unchanging: to be recognized as the innovation leader in the global hearing care market. In everything we do, we aim to provide industry-leading audiological performance and outstanding consumer experience.


Strong fundamentals and attractive growth potential across geographies & products

  • Attractive market

    • Attractive secular growth drivers
    • Low penetration rate
    • Rising adoption of implantable solutions
    • New growth opportunities through connectivity and Internet of Things

    Sonova is active in an attractive market, which is poised for further growth: Penetration rates in the mild to moderate category are still low, developed countries see increasing demand from the “baby boomer” generation and developing countries begin to bridge the gap in hearing care provision. The cochlear implants market is expanding from being mostly children born with hearing loss to adults whose hearing loss has become too severe to be treated only with hearing aids. Furthermore, our growing emphasis on connectivity and digital applications means that we can both broaden and deepen our engagement with consumers, offering trusted, valuable support at every stage of their journey to better hearing.

  • Leading market position

    • Leading positions in all market segments
    • Broadest most advanced product offering
    • Global distribution network

    The Sonova Group is the broadest hearing care provider in the world with the most advanced product offering. Our vertically integrated business model – covering every step from R&D, through manufacturing, all the way to the consumer – gives us the breadth and depth to thrive in a fast-evolving global environment. Sonova’s global distribution network is among the broadest in the industry. We seek engagement with consumers through a range of channels: our own audiological care business, retail chains, independent audiologists, government agencies, and cochlear implant clinics. This wide reach, extending to more than 100 countries, offers many points of contact with consumers where we can gather feedback and offer enhancements. Digital connectivity and eSolutions let us deepen that contact with consumers across all channels. 

  • Strong financials

    • Attractive margin with further upside
    • Solid balance sheet
    • High free cash flow and low tax rate

    The company has an exceptional track record in achieving strong financial results and has a solid balance sheet, a healthy free cash flow and an attractive tax rate.

Sonova’s strategy builds on the strengths we have established over many years

Strategy as of 16.05.2023
Our market-leading innovation puts us at the forefront of audiological performance and clear rich sound experience. Our audiological care network combines in-store, remote, and online support to deliver a uniquely flexible and personal consumer experience. We continue to optimize our sales and marketing to fit precisely to the needs of our various distribution channels and to establish a strong presence in high-growth developing markets. And we never stand still: where there is a possibility to improve our processes, optimize our structure, or expand our consumer offering and technological capabilities – whether organically or through acquisitions – we will seize that opportunity, not only to increase Sonova’s profitability, but to build the investment capacity that fuels future growth.