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Step inside the World of Hearing

Boots World of Hearing Store

Sonova’s World of Hearing stores are making innovative audiological care accessible to all

Anyone can walk right into the Boots Hearingcare World of Hearing store in Chelmsford in the UK. The whole storefront opens onto a busy shopping mall. A large sign advertises free hearing health checks. Digital displays and a touchscreen table catch the eyes of passers-by. At the threshold, ‘Welcome’ is printed on the floor.

The unit next door is occupied by a leading mobile phone brand. Both have bright and inviting interiors where shoppers can browse the latest technology and get expert advice. It’s an environment that makes getting a hearing aid feel very natural — friendly and personal, not clinical. This is how Sonova’s World of Hearing stores are changing the image of hearing care, all over the world.

Dedicated to the delight of hearing

Launched in 2019, the World of Hearing concept embodies Sonova’s commitment to bring the delight of hearing to people everywhere, and the company’s relentless pursuit of innovation. 

As a commercial center within reach of a large population, Chelmsford is an ideal location for a flagship store. This store opened in November 2022 and compliments other Boots Hearingcare stores in the region through a wider selection of hearing solutions and services as well as more specialized audiological facilities.

Experience the difference 

Hearing Wellness Advisors like Hari Jones welcome visitors to the store. Hari can also perform some audiological services, including hearing tests. If there are signs of hearing loss, Hari arranges a full hearing assessment with an audiologist. 

When a customer needs a hearing aid, the store has an Experience Room where they can see how different models perform in a variety of virtual situations, like a concert or noisy restaurant. As Hari explains, being able to experience the difference a hearing aid makes is a huge help in overcoming reluctance about wearing one. “When people understand what they should be hearing, they realize how much they’ve been missing out on,” she says.

Fully focused on the customer

The clinical work is carried out in the consulting rooms at the back of the store. The store’s high profile means Saarah Alam and the other audiologists are busy every day. “Someone may have hearing at the back of their mind so it’s good they can just come in without an appointment when they are out shopping,” says Saarah.

Saarah’s consulting room demonstrates the benefits of the World of Hearing’s purpose-built environment. It’s a calm, private space designed for audiological care. One corner contains a soundproofed booth. Above the desk is a widescreen TV that Saarah uses to talk customers through their hearing assessment. When Saarah worked in other clinics her room was also a repair center and warehouse. Hari and her colleagues, Hearing Wellness Advisors, take care of all that, which allows the audiologists to focus entirely on customers.

For the whole hearing journey 

People of all ages are responding enthusiastically to the World of Hearing concept. Some even travel further to come here instead of stores that are closer to home. “Everyone loves the store,” says Saarah. “Our older customers prefer the layout and more and more young people are getting their hearing checked out who probably wouldn’t do that if we weren’t here.” It’s an enjoyable place to work too. “People are so interested to come in and see what we do,” says Hari.

Find your nearest store

Sonova has World of Hearing stores on four continent and more than 3,900 audiological clinics and stores worldwide. Find your nearest store here.

About World of Hearing

One of the recent openings of a World of Hearing store was in Toronto, Canada. Watch the video to get an impression of Darryl Sittler, Canadian hockey legend, visiting the store.

With a pioneering store concept in the field of hearing solutions, the Sonova Group is setting new standards in the industry. The focus is on interactive experiences, latest product innovations and services for complex hearing problems such as tinnitus. 

The world's first audiology store based on this concept was opened in December 2018 in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, by Sonova brand Schoonenberg. Since then, the number of World of Hearing stores has grown considerably, establishing this store concept as a successful global model on four continents.