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24/10/2012 | 07:30 CEST | Group Announcements

Sonova News from EUHA 2012

Staefa (Switzerland), 24.10.2012 – Sonova presents new products from Phonak and Unitron at the International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) in Frankfurt, Germany.



  • Phonak Quest - The new platform featuring unique Binaural VoiceStream Technology


On October 19 2012 Phonak introduces the brand new platform Phonak Quest. Quest maximizes the capabilities of the leading chip technology and is based on the unique Binaural VoiceStream Technology®. The Quest platform offers the broadest range of features to deliver high end-user satisfaction in virtually every soundscape, even the most challenging ones, like windy and very noisy situations. With the development of the new features Speech in Wind and auto StereoZoom, Phonak has conquered two more challenging sound environments. With Speech in Wind the resulting increase in speech intelligibility has been measured to be as high as 40%. Using auto StereoZoom means consumers benefit from an improvement in speech intelligibility of up to 45%.


  • Phonak Bolero Q and Phonak Virto Q


At the same time, Phonak introduces a full BTE range, completely redesigned, based on the Phonak Quest platform. The brand new Phonak Bolero Q portfolio offers a choice of four models in three performance levels. Phonak also introduces the Phonak Virto Q portfolio, a full ITE portfolio based on the new platform, which offers the highest flexibility with a wide range of options: from the tiniest Phonak product all the way to the most powerful full-concha.


  • Phonak RemoteMic


When combined with the Phonak ComPilot, the new Phonak RemoteMic takes the strain out of listening to conversations in loud places by streaming voices up to 20 meters away directly into the hearing aids. This results in superior speech intelligibility with less effort.





  • Unitron Flex:trial™ and Unitron Flex:upgrade™


On 12 October 2012 Unitron announced the launch of Flex™, a unique product and service offering that allows hearing healthcare professionals (HHCPs)  to provide immediate amplification to clients, without compromising care. Flex:trial™ provides a flexible, risk-free option for patient to trial hearing instrument, and Flex:upgrade™ delivers the world’s first in-clinic solution to upgrade hearing instruments.


With Flex:trial, HHCPs are able to program a single hearing instrument to higher or lower levels of technology as many times as needed. Clients who are newly diagnosed with hearing loss receive immediate access to the product and technology level best suited to their needs, thereby, experiencing the benefits of amplification at their first appointment. Flex:trial is available for Unitron products built on the  Era™ platform , including Quantum™ and Max™ BTEs, as well as Moxi™ CRTs. 


Flex:upgrade puts new options in the hands of HHCPs to accommodate changes in a client’s preferences and needs with real-time upgrades in hearing instrument technology. Unitron is the first within the hearing healthcare industry to offer HHCPs the capability to trial and upgrade levels of technology, even after purchase, in-clinic while the patient is present. 


  • Unitron Max™ – The new Super Power Hearing Instrument


At the same time, Unitron announced Max™, a new Super Power hearing instrument. Max is the only Super Power hearing instrument on the market with Power Adaptation Manager, an industry-first feature that addresses over-amplification, while maximizing speech intelligibility. Power Adaptation Manager allows HHCPs to finally address the over-amplification cycle that is common among individuals with severe to profound hearing loss, while enabling better protection of a client’s long term hearing health. 


For further information about these new products, please refer to the trade press releases of the respective brands.



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