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01/04/2009 | 08:00 CEST | Group Announcements

Sonova News from AudiologyNOW! 2009

Phonak and Unitron introduce a wealth of new products at AudiologyNOW! in Dallas, Texas

Phonak extends its CORE based product portfolio, setting new standards with SoundRecover


  • Exélia Art - the new premium product family covers mild to severe hearing loss, now with SoundRecover. Available with the new premium features DuoPhone and ZoomControl with DirectTouch
  • Audéo YES - the smallest wireless hearing instrument in the market, featuring SoundRecover and other unique audiological features
  • Naída IX - the first high power product in the premium segment
  • Nios micro - Phonak's most comprehensive and technologically advanced pediatric solution for children with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss


Additional innovations:


  • micro Petite - the smallest BTE housing in the Phonak range available for non-wireless versions of Exélia Art, Versáta and Certéna
  • Slim Tip Soft - the first custom earpieces that are produced with digital UV soft shell material, which also allows BTE wearers to benefit from Acoustically Optimized Venting (AOV)
  • Click'nTalk and iCom TV package - new digital wireless accessories
  • SmartLink+, ZoomLink+, EasyLink+ - New FM transmitters based on the Dynamic FM platform
  • DynaMic - a pass around microphone for inspiro, which expands Phonak's MultiTalker Network and gives students with hearing loss a direct link to every speaker in class

Unitron introduces two new products under its new company brand identity


  • Passport - the first wireless Unitron hearing instrument in the premium segment
  • Shift - the stylish, ultra-small BTE housing with external receiver


For detailed information about the products launched at AudiologyNOW! 2009, please click on the following links:

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