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14/04/2010 | 08:00 CEST | Product news

Sonova News from AudiologyNOW! 2010

Sonova introduces new products from Phonak and Unitron


  • Completing the Art collection with SoundRecover - with Versáta Art and Certéna Art Phonak now offers SoundRecover in all price categories and for all form factors.
  • Audéo ZIP - the instant fit CIC mainly addressing first time users with mild to moderate hearing loss is available in three price categories.
  • Phonak TVLink - the connection between the TV and the hearing system for a perfect listening experience with minimum transmission delay and a range of up to 30 meters. Set up in one step and in just 60 seconds.


  • SmartFocus - a feature which revolutionizes speech in noise available for Passport and the Latitude product lines.
  • Ziel/Ziel+ - trimmer digital BTE hearing instruments for emerging markets.
  • Smart Alert - is a fully integrated system that enables household alerts such as the telephone, door bell or smoke alarm, to communicate directly with hearing instruments.


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