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26/03/2003 | 07:00 CET | Product news

Phonak Group Product Offering Expands

Perseo with WatchPilot2 background
Completing the Product Portfolios: Perseo, Conversa and FM synthesizer will drive growth in F2003/04
The Phonak Group presented today three new complete product lines – one under each of its business segments – at a media and financial analysts meeting. Perseo, from Phonak Hearing Systems, is the next generation in the first class hearing instrument segment, following the success of the Claro product line. The innovative technology in Perseo provides the wearer with a personalized adaptation to different listening situations according to individual needs and preferences. Conversa, from Unitron Hearing, is a mid-level digital product line with unique features designed to solve the everyday problems of telephone use, feedback, and hearing speech in noisy environments. Conversa follows the very successful launch of Unison, an entry level digital product. Finally, the new generation of FM systems, developed by Phonak Communications, now incorporates synthesizer technology which allows automatic frequency selections and, therefore, the highest level of flexibility and benefits for the customers.