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11/06/2009 | 08:00 CEST | Disclosure of shareholdings

Disclosure of shareholdings

FIL Limited holds less than 3% of Sonova Holding AG

According to the article 20 of the Swiss Stock Exchange Act, Sonova Holding AG announces, that FIL Limited ("FIL"), Pembroke Hall, 42 Crow Lane, Hamilton, Bermuda holds less than 3% of total capital and voting rights as of June 10, 2009 due to a sale of shares.


FIL and its direct and indirect subsidiaries is an investment adviser which provides investment advisory and management services to a number of non-U.S. investment companies or Instrument trusts (the "International Funds") and certain institutional investors.



Contact person at FIL: Sophie Hughes, Phone: +44 1737 836 713, Fax: +44 1737 837 450.