Corporate Social Responsibility at Sonova

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • CSR Report 2016/17

    Read the latest CSR Report and see how Sonova assumes corporate responsibility
  • Sonova receives Prix Balance ZH award

    The Prix Balance Zurich is awarded by the canton of Zurich and honors employers with the best conditions for reconciling work and private life. Sonova offers a comprehensive program of reconciliation, focusing on flexibility, family-friendliness, equal opportunities and awareness.
  • Help from Sonova’s Hear the World Foundation: hearing for the first time
    Finally hearing: the dream came true for three disadvantaged children in Panama as their cochlear implants were successfully activated in February 2017. They were the first to be fitted with implants in Hear the World Foundation’s more than ten years of existence – not least thanks to volunteer work undertaken by Sonova staff.
  • Sonova’s admitted to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index
    Due to continuous improvement in the area of sustainability, Sonova has this year again been listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI World and DJSI Europe). Among its industry peers, Sonova did especially well in the categories Product Quality, Customer Relationship Management, Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy as well as Environmental Policy.
  • Sonova employees volunteer as helpers for the Hear the World Foundation.

    Commitment in India

    The HEAR India project provides support for the students at Rangammal School,
  • Sonova employees supporting the work of the Hear the World Foundation
    Sonova’s Hear the World Foundation has been working for disadvantaged people with hearing loss for more than ten years. The Foundation has already provided support for more than 80 projects in 39 countries, helping thousands of people to improve their hearing. Sonova’s employees play an essential part in the Foundation’s work.
  • The Hear the World Foundation calls on us to make listening safe
    Sonovaʼs Hear the World Foundation has partnered with Switzerland’s leading concert promoter Good News to provide fans with free noise protection earplugs at concerts. The Foundation will also be present at venues, pointing out the dangers posed by excessively loud music.
  • A Hear the World Foundation spot calls on us to make listening safe
    The Hear the World Foundation supports the efforts of the World Health Organization (WHO) to raise awareness about hearing protection and is drawing attention to this critical topic with a powerful spot involving celebrity ambassadors such as Joss Stone, Kate Moss, and Christoph Waltz.
  • Edgar is getting his first hearing aids – a big day for the little fellow!
    The Hear the World Foundation, a Sonova Group initiative, has established a comprehensive aid project in Malawi, one of the world’s poorest countries, that is vital to healthcare provision in the country as a whole.

As the world’s largest hearing care company, Sonova has a deep commitment to sustainable success. Our clearly defined business targets are well aligned with our broader social goals: to help people to hear the world, while taking responsibility for our actions toward our employees, the environment, and future generations.

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Hear the World Foundation

Since 2006, the Hear the World Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life and promoting equal opportunities for people with hearing loss globally. 

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Our employees

At Sonova, we foster a spirit in which shared engagement and personal responsibility are the driving forces for innovation. Inspired employees are our life-blood: with high agility and in self-dependent teams we work towards enhancing the quality of life of millions by bringing better hearing to people with hearing loss.

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Environmental issues

Sonova continuously monitors and optimizes environmental performance across the Group. We set the priorities and provide the resources needed to reduce our environmental impact.

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