Clients everywhere would agree, Connect Hearing is more than community hearing aid provider, but rather a dedicated team of hearing care professionals providing state-of-the art hearing solutions and services to meet their needs. Our connection with our clients and their families is evident as we go beyond their expectations to truly understand their issues with hearing loss. The results are countless stories of people reconnecting with their loved ones and the things that bring them joy in life.

  • Naperville, IL
  • 2012
  • 500+ Employees

Our Product Highlights

Hearing Testing

Each of our nationwide locations offers professional hearing evaluations where clients’ hearing performance is measured in our soundproof testing rooms.

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Hearing Health Consultation

Following the hearing test, our audiology team explains the results of the audiogram, answers clients’ questions and makes recommendations for hearing aids, if needed.

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Hearing Aid Dispensing

Connect Hearing carries the latest in hearing aid technology from Phonak, Unitron and NovaSense, offering a variety of solutions that meet our client’s hearing, lifestyle, and financial needs.

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