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Career Story

"I want to do the best I can for customers"

Meet our Curious Creator Andrej, who works as an embedded software developer at our Unitron facility in Kitchener, Canada.

I was born to do this

Both my parents worked in engineering back in Macedonia, so I feel like I’m continuing a family tradition. They were in software. I chose biomedical engineering because I wanted to create technology that actually changes lives. 

Hearing aids are amazing things

I knew nothing about hearing aids until I joined Sonova. When I’m adjusting a device someone is actually wearing, which they rely on completely for up to 20 hours a day, that’s when I feel most connected to the purpose of what we do. 

We work on very cool technologies

People think of hearing aids as medical devices, but the Bluetooth protocols and signal processing algorithms we use are closer to smartphones and AirPods. The hearing aid itself is the centre of a whole system of mobile devices, apps and data. That’s fascinating to work with. 

I know I’m in the right place

I’m a young engineer and I have so much still to learn. During my student placement at Sonova I got exposure to all aspects of R&D, which was so enlightening. Now I’m in this innovative, multidisciplinary environment which has so many different roles.  

This is how I create sense

I have friends who are hearing impaired. Hearing what they go through in their daily lives has made me aware how each decision we make, large or small, has an impact for the end user. That’s why I want to do the best I can for them. It’s a good feeling to get positive feedback from audiologists and customers. 

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  • Working at Sonova since 2015
  • Current Position:  Embedded Software Developer
  • Location:  Canada
  • Previous positions at Sonova: Software QA Analyst Co-op (Canada) & System Integration Developer Co-op (Canada)
  • Trained occupation: Bachelor of Engineering