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World of Hearing Münster

World of Hearing - a new store concept with global reach

With a pioneering store concept in the field of hearing solutions, the Sonova Group is setting new standards in the industry. The focus is on interactive experiences, latest product innovations and services for complex hearing problems such as tinnitus. 

The world's first audiology store based on this concept was opened in December 2018 in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, by Sonova brand Schoonenberg. Since then, the number of World of Hearing stores has grown considerably, establishing this store concept as a successful global model. The new locations are spread across three continents: From Canada and several European countries including Denmark, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands to New Zealand.

Virtual tour - TRITON World of Hearing in Auckland, NZ

World of Hearing takes customers on a journey of discovery, with a multi-channel hearing experience:

World of hearing Münster

Tangible and interactive

  • Experience Room, where hearing aids can be tried out in virtual everyday situations
  • Self screening room, where customers can test their hearing themselves
  • Touchscreen tables, where customers receive all important information at a glance

Individual and flexible

  • Welcoming ambience – customers can come by and receive service without an appointment
  • Focus on personal audiological care, such as customization services with made to measure hearing aids, enabled by comfortable digital ear scanning
  • Tailored solutions, rendering the service portfolio increasingly relevant to people with mild hearing loss as well
World of hearing Münster

AudioNova World of Hearing in Lyngby, Denmark

GEERS World of Hearing in Münster, Germany