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10/03/2010 | 07:00 CET | Group Announcements

Sonova launches “Sona”- a new hearing system brand featuring a novel product and service concept

Sonova Holding AG, the world’s leading provider of hearing systems, announced today the addition of the Sona brand to its portfolio. This new brand represents cutting-edge hearing systems featuring a new service concept for audiologists and consumers and further extends the most comprehensive range of professional hearing solutions in the industry.

By launching Sona, the Sonova Group is introducing a novel business concept combining a specialized product portfolio with easy fitting and simplified logistic processes, which are unique in the industry. The new brand broadens the portfolio of the established hearing solutions of Phonak and Unitron and is aimed at the market segment for mild-to-moderate hearing loss. It features mainly the integrated service concept providing audiologists with new opportunities to make their hearing solutions more accessible to consumers.


“With Sona products, we are offering hearing specialists optimized and simplified online ordering and storage processes that are unique within our industry”, said Valentin Chapero, CEO of the Sonova Group. “Consumers benefit from the immediate availability of tailored hearing solutions and straightforward access to their first experience of improved hearing – a key factor in successful fitting and in the subsequent decision to buy.”

Two types of products are available under the new brand: “Sona:vogue micro” is a high-tech device worn behind the ear and “Sona:vogue intro” is the corresponding in-the-ear solution. Both product types are available in three different price/performance categories.


Following its successful roll-out onto the Belgian market, Sona will now be launched progressively in selected European countries and in the US.