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Do you want to make a difference? Career possibilities at Sonova and its business brands span a diverse range of disciplines, including engineering, audiology, marketing, sales, finance, and many more. We invite you to explore opportunities to join our dedicated, highly qualified and solution-oriented teams. The Sonova group is currently present in over 100 countries across the globe and has a workforce of over 14,000 dedicated employees.

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What is inspiring about Sonova?

  • The diverse jobs that Sonova offers through all its different brands have been absolutely fantastic for me.
    Bettina | Director Audiology & Education APAC
  • I love the fact that Sonova creates an environment which is all about work hard and play hard.
    Joe | Divisional Hearingcare Manager
  • I always feel like I am a contributing member of the company and then my thoughts and ideas are heard and respected.
    Michael | Principal Clinical Specialist – Northeast
  • For a life without limitations - Sonova
    Ever since he can remember, Simon Ollert has dreamt of being a professional soccer player. Despite the profound hearing loss, Simon pursued his dream relentlessly. His Phonak hearing aids brought him far more than just quality of life; they spurred his ambitions.
  • Many years of cooperation: a meeting at the University of St Gallen
    Sonova and the University of St Gallen, a leading global authority in market research, have enjoyed a successful working relationship since 2007. We interviewed the respective team leaders about the aims, methods and research findings arising from this fruitful cooperation.
  • Sarah at work with a cochlear implant recipient
    Deeply involved: Sarah Downing is an audiologist and works as Senior Manager of Clinical Development and Education at the Advanced Bionics headquarters in Valencia, Southern California. She helps with the development of innovative cochlear implant systems for Sonova's Advanced Bionics brand.
  • Apprentices at Sonova: helping people enjoy the benefits of hearing
    Everyone who trains with Sonova will be doing work that helps other people. And anyone who enjoys helping others and is willing to shoulder responsibility will find that Sonova's apprenticeship professions hold many stimulating years of learning in store, with life-changing prospects for the future.
  • Right whales in the Atlantic Ocean – shooting for a nature documentary
    An innovative product from Sonova brand Phonak is changing lives: Lyric is the world's only 100% invisible hearing aid – and documentary filmmaker Wolfgang Tins is one of its many enthusiastic users. The tiny device, which he can wear 24/7 for months without changing the battery, has accompanied his travels across the seven seas.