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Innovation milestones


Phonak Alpina: the first portable hearing aid


Super-Front PP-C by Phonak: the first behind-the-ear hearing aid that delivers the same performance as a portable hearing aid


PICS by Phonak: the first digital programmable hearing aid with an analogue signal processor


AudioZoom by Phonak: innovative multi-microphone technology that revolutionizes the hearing aid technology


MicroLink by Phonak: the first miniaturized ear-level FM receiver. It allows students with hearing loss to hear the teacher well in a child-friendly way.


Claro by Phonak: the first fully digital hearing aid with revolutionary signal processing


MLx by Phonak: the first generic miniaturized ear-level receiver. It established a de-facto worldwide standard in FM technology.


Supero by Phonak: the first digital hearing aid specifically developed for people with significant hearing loss


Perseo by Phonak: the first personalized hearing aid that adapts intelligently to situation-specific hearing preferences


Savia by Phonak: the first software-based hearing aid, based on the PALIO platform

PALIO platform: a freely-programmable DSP platform which opens up the future for software-based hearing systems


Unitron’s AntiShock: the first technology capable of identifying and instantaneously controlling sudden impulse noises, without distorting speech or environmental sounds


Phonak CORE platform: enables wireless connection of hearing aids to a wide range of multimedia devices

Naída UltraPower by Phonak: hearing aid for profound hearing loss with the revolutionary SoundRecover technology which extends hearing by restoring high-frequency sounds that would otherwise be inaudible.


Phonak Spice platform: 16 million transistors packed in 65 nanometer chip technology offer the fastest processing speed with over 200 million operations per second and the largest memory, guaranteeing maximum performance and simple usability and making hearing possible in situations where it was impossible to hear in the past.

SmartFocus by Unitron: the first significant, clinically proven speech-in-noise advancement since directional microphones


ClearVoice* by Advanced Bionics: the first sound processing technology for cochlear implant recipients clinically proven to deliver superior speech understanding in noise

Phonak Lyric: the "contact lens for the ear" that can be worn 24/7 and sits invisible for up to four months in the ear canal


Phonak nano: the smallest customized in-the-ear hearing aid 

Era platform by Unitron: 65 nanometer chip technology offers double the processing speed, capacity and memory, and led to incredible breakthroughs in delivering high-fidelity sound and automatic performance.

Neptune by Advanced Bionics: the first waterproof, swimmable sound processor for cochlear implant recipients


Phonak Quest platform: unique Binaural VoiceStream Technology gives hearing aid users the ability to hear and understand in even more challenging listening situations


Roger by Phonak is the new digital wireless standard that replaces FM as the best-performing hearing system for understanding speech in noise and over distance. The dedicated pediatric Phonak Sky Q family and an expanded range of wireless solutions, including the new Roger technology, support children every step of the way.

The innovation DNA of Advanced Bionics & Phonak have merged together for the introduction of Naída CI Q70, the world’s most advanced sound processor.


Phonak Venture product and technology platform: The new chip technology of the Venture platform offers twice the processing power while reducing battery consumption up to 30%. Phonak Audéo V is the first product family available on the new platform.


Unitron showcases North, its ground-breaking new sound processing platform. Concurrent with the North launch, Unitron introduces a new generation of its popular RIC Moxi hearing instruments, which are fully integrated with Unitron’s industry-leading Flex:trial and Flex:upgrade program. 


Phonak launches next generation platform Belong including Audéo B-R the first mainstream lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid.

Unitron announces the release of Moxi™ Now, the world’s smallest wireless RIC hearing aid**.

AB and Phonak offer the Naída™ Link, the first hearing aid specifically designed to work with a cochlear implant system***.


Phonak is unveiling its smallest custom device it has ever produced ‒ the Virto™ B-Titanium, a tiny custom hearing instrument manufactured from titanium.


* Not approved for pediatric use in the United States
** Moxi Now is the smallest wireless RIC in the world based on exterior dimensions compared to other products in its class.
*** The Naída Link hearing aid is compatible with Naída CI Q70 and Q90 sound processors. Not yet available in all regions.