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Vision and values


At Sonova, our vision is straightforward. We envision a world where everyone enjoys the delight of hearing and therefore lives a life without limitations. 

Sonova pursues social as well as a business goals: help people hear the world by providing the most innovative technology, service-oriented dedication and by accepting responsibility for all of our actions.

The Hear the World Foundation contributes to turn these aspirations into reality even for those people who otherwise would be left aside. Its stated mission is to assist in specific ways where people with hearing loss can be helped. To this end, the Foundation involves itself with financial resources, the provision of hearing aids, or the deployment of a team of professionals to provide hearing care services, so that everyone can enjoy a life without limitations.


Values drive our actions

At Sonova, we come to work every day knowing that continuous innovation across all disciplines, our shared engagement as a team and our responsible approach to all things we do, brings the delight of hearing to millions of people: to hear better, to listen to music, to communicate effortlessly with friends and loved ones, and to fully enjoy life with all its great variety of sounds. In doing so, our shared core values reflect the corporate culture that defines and unites us as a company across all brands and regions.

Sonova values
  • We care

    We care for our employees, customers and consumers, as well as our shareholders and society.

  • We drive innovation

    We courageously pioneer new ideas and approaches to come up with impactful innovations, to delight customers and consumers.

  • We strive for excellence

    We act with agility. We aim to excel. We are continuously working on improving products, services, processes and skills, to realize growth.

  • We take accountability

    We deliver on our commitments. We take accountability to provide outcomes in agreed quality and time, always acting with integrity.

  • We build the best team

    We team up. We grow talent. We collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds to win with the best team in the market place.