HANSATON’s Hanseatic heritage, combined with the innovative power of Sonova, enables us to create beautifully designed products, based on cutting-edge, proven technology.

  • Since 1957
  • 14 design awards
  • 6 continents

Innovative by Tradition

Since the inception of HANSATON in 1957 in Hamburg, Germany, we have been striving to provide exceptional, cutting-edge products with impeccable design to our exclusive partners and clients. Being part of the Sonova group since 2015, with full access to the Sonova Research & Development department, HANSATON’s technology is based on cutting-edge, proven technology.   

We have a driving passion to help people hear better. This is why after more than 60 years we continue to deliver on that passion with esthetically pleasing designs so people can be proud to use our hearing systems.