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08/03/2003 | 07:00 CET | Group Announcements

Team Alinghi and Phonak - communicating to win

Alinghi Schuemann

The victory in the America’s Cup for Team Alinghi proves that technology, quality equipment, effective communication and team spirit represent a winning combination. Phonak is proud to have contributed to all the factors in this formula for success during the Louis Vuitton and America’s Cups. The high-tech, on-board communication system from Phonak enabled the 15 sailors on the 24-meter long Alinghi yacht to hear crucial instructions from helmsman Russell Coutts. The high-tech hearing instruments worn by each crewmember, received the commands with perfect sound quality, eliminating all potential distractions from wind, waves and helicopters.


All photos from: Team Alinghi/Thierry Martinez