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Hear the difference – learn more about potential signs of hearing loss

March 3 is World Hearing Day. Following the lead of the World Health Organization (WHO), we want to raise awareness of the importance of good hearing, early detection, and proper treatment of hearing loss.

Over 1.5 billion people globally live with hearing loss.1 Our hearing not only involves sound levels but health levels as well. Maintaining the health of our hearing contributes to our wellbeing.2 Rather than coping with hearing loss without seeking solutions, it helps to pay attention to the signs that occur in our daily lives and to those around us. Such as being perceptive of having to ask others to repeat themselves at social gatherings, constantly increasing the tv volume, sounds becoming "muffled," words or consonants becoming challenging to hear in daily environment places such as in the classroom or workspace, and even when our family members are not reacting to us when being talked to or vice versa.

Proper hearing care and preventable actions

Good ear hygiene can prevent many causes of hearing loss. In most cases, the inside part of the ear is self-cleaning. It’s important to only clean the outer part of the ear with soft material like cloth or cotton and to leave. Leave the inside cleaning and removal of wax to hearing care professionals (Deafness and hearing loss: Ear care (

More actions that can assist with preventing hearing loss are: using earplugs in noisy places, minimizing loud sounds or music when possible, and avoiding swimming in unclean water, to name a few. Find out more about tips for healthy ears (

Leaving signs of hearing loss unattended can negatively impact many aspects of our life: the development of language and speech in children, cognition, education, employment, mental health, and interpersonal relationships.2,3

Where to start – take only 3 minutes to test your hearing 

Recognizing hearing loss early on and acting accordingly is important. Our sense of hearing is essential to experience everyday life's sounds fully. 

Hearing loss often makes itself known, gradually, becoming difficult to notice. To assess your hearing levels, take our brand Phonak’s online hearing test to find out how well you hear. It's easy and convenient. 

Observe potential indicators

The signs of hearing loss can take many different forms. If you are unsure about your hearing, get it checked. Reduce the impact of hearing loss by instilling proper hearing care and protection. If you know people who may have hearing loss, encourage them to get a hearing checkup, and be considerate when engaging with them by speaking clearly at an understandable pace and speaking one at a time in social gatherings. The first step is to take care of your hearing and learn more about hearing care and the situations surrounding hearing loss. Let’s make ear and hearing care for all a reality as part of WHO’s initiative. Because everyone deserves to enjoy the delight of hearing.

Hear the World Foundation: Prevention and treatment of hearing loss

80 percent of people with hearing loss live in low to middle-income countries and have little access to audiological or medical care. This is where the Hear the World Foundation comes in. Since 2006, the foundation has been equipping children in need and other affected people around the world with powerful hearing solutions and providing them with free hearing healthcare. The foundation also provides financial support to project partners and imparts knowledge through volunteer work by Sonova employees.

Learn more and support the important work of the Hear the World Foundation:

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