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Sonova provides leading hearing technology for its customers

Sonova presents the new Phonak Marvel platform which provides excellent sound quality from the first fit and brings rechargeable solutions and direct connectivity to the next level. An enthusiastic wearer of Phonak Marvel hearing aids shares his experiences in a film.


Bernd Kullmann has his firm place in the Mount Everest history books. The mountaineer stood for the first time at the age of 24 at the summit of 8,850 meters in blue jeans - now his trademark. He is still an active mountaineer and regularly on the move climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking or ski touring.

He retired early as a teacher to better connect his sport and the job. From the "traveler for backpacks" to the Deuter CEO in 2006: Kullmann has always been a team player and is convinced that a team works better when you have fun at work - and the right environment. Bernd Kullmann will be accompanied for two days as he gets the new Phonak Audéo M-R adapted and tested in practice.


For me it was love at first sound!

Bernd Kullmann, outdoor legend

The new Marvel platform has been developed with a focus on what users expect most from a hearing aid – a clear, rich sound experience1. This world`s first hearing technology to fully support binaural direct streaming of music, phone, live/on-demand video and more from billions of Bluetooth enabled devices, enables hearing aid wearers to stream all audio content seamlessly from any iPhone® or Android™ device to both ears in full stereo. Marvel hearing aids are rechargeable and work with dedicated Apps that allow wearers to experience remote hearing aid adjustments as well as real-time voice-to-text call transcription.

With Marvel technology, AutoSense OS™ 3.0 can even classify streamed media. In a recent study, Phonak Audéo™ M was rated highest for quality of streaming media against five competitors2. The enhanced operating system also includes Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ into Marvel hearing aids. This highly-sophisticated directional microphone technology has been proven to significantly improve speech understanding by 60%3 in noisy places like restaurants while simultaneously reducing the amount of effort 19%4 required to listen and understand.

Phonak Audéo Marvel is the only hearing aid that directly connects to any iPhone or Android Smartphone* and streams audio content to both ears in stereo quality. Hands-free calls with improved own voice pick-up further simplify the life of hearing aid users. The new TV Connector, a plug and play solution that automatically connects with the TV if within range, turns the hearing aids into wireless headphones. RogerDirectTM, available from autumn 2019, streams the Roger signal directly to Marvel hearing aids without the need of an external receiver, allowing for a 33% smaller and 66% lighter hearing aid housing compared to the previous Roger solution.


The power of rechargeable technology

Phonak Audéo M-R also features the next generation of the proprietary Lithium-Ion rechargeable technology that powers a full day of hearing including streaming, quick charging and more ease of use as the hearing aids automatically switch on when removed from the charger.

With Marvel hearing aids comes the introduction of a suite of convenient Smart Apps. The MyPhonak app allows wearers to have their hearing aids adjusted virtually in real-time, in any situation, anywhere by the hearing care professional. It also gives consumers the ability to rate their hearing aid satisfaction in various environments and directly send this feedback to their hearing care professional. Finally, the myCall-to-Text app provides live transcription of phone calls from the other party in more than 80 languages. This is an ideal solution for noisy environments, or for people who need additional visual captions when using the phone.