Sonova Stories

Lea Cobin


“This way I can hear, that way I can’t!”

Little Léa Corbin has been wearing bilateral cochlear implants made by Sonova brand Advanced Bionics since she was a baby. Her language development has been impressive, and her parents and Sonova employee Adrian have been with… Read more

Sophie Vouzelaud photoshoot in front of Eiffeltower


"I'm part of the world around me"

Sophie Vouzelaud works as a model, and she wears hearing aids made by Sonova brand Phonak. Thanks to being fitted with hearing aids since her earliest childhood, she has learned to speak and make her way in the world – which has… Read more



“Now he can hear, silence is so beautiful.”

A short film made by Sonova shows Abdel’s delight as he enjoys a trip out in the Mount Lebanon mountain range. The Syrian refugee boy’s hearing aids have made him a part of the world that surrounds him with all its wonderful… Read more