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Career Stories

“Sonova saw potential in me”

Career Stories

Meet Chatinder, who works for our Boots Hearingcare brand in the UK.

Sonova helps you find your strengths

In eight years at Sonova I’ve progressed from leading a team of 30 people to the position of Head of Retail for the South of England, where I have overall responsibility for more than 200 healthcare professionals in over 250 locations. I had no previous management experience but Sonova and Boots Hearingcare saw potential in me and helped me grow into this role. Going from day-to-day people management to setting the strategy for the business is a big jump but I like being challenged. Working in this environment has helped me understand my own strengths and become a better person and a better leader.

Boots and Sonova make a perfect partnership

The UK is an important market for Sonova and teaming up with a well-known brand like Boots gives Sonova access to millions of potential customers here. There are more than 500 Boots sites in the UK that offer hearing care. The great thing about Boots is that customers visit for all sorts of reasons, from getting a prescription to having an eye test, and they can book in for a hearing check at the same time. If we find any issues, we can provide whatever help they need. Just being there helps raise awareness of hearing loss. That’s especially helpful for customers who might not think about getting their hearing checked otherwise.

I knew a lot about Sonova before I joined the company 

When I worked as an audiologist the Sonova brands were the most popular among my customers. Sonova’s leadership in areas like advanced bionics and cochlear implants impressed me, and brought home how Sonova makes hearing solutions for everyone. As I looked deeper I found out more about Sonova that resonated with my personal and professional values, especially the emphasis on striving for excellence, taking accountability and caring for others.

I’m very competitive

I have high expectations and high standards. It’s part of my personality. That also attracted me to Sonova, because you have to be at your very best to work here. First and foremost, I want the team of regional managers I lead to be the best version of themselves because I believe that will naturally translate into great performance from them and their teams. If I’m not reaching high standards myself, it makes me work even harder. Sonova gives me the autonomy and the trust to do what I think is right to grow my division. I really appreciate that.

It’s important to me to be part of something bigger

I admire the fact Sonova has a bigger picture beyond selling products. The Hear the World Foundation is respected across the industry for its contribution to hearing care in low and middle income countries. Everyone at Sonova is encouraged to support the work of the Foundation. This is very personal to me because of my Indian heritage and upbringing. From a young age I've seen how lack of understanding about good hearing health can affect a person’s life.

This is how I create sense

I want my team and my colleagues to feel they can be true to who they are inside and outside of work. I’ve been part of the UK Diversity & Inclusion employee resource group for over 18 months now, which provides knowledge and input on how to create the most positive working environment for everyone at Sonova. I’m also an advocate of employee health and wellbeing, from taking regular breaks to using the professional support that’s available. Whether you’re a senior manager or just starting out in your career, I firmly believe that looking after yourself is all-important. Talent development is another important aspect of leadership for me. I encourage my team to aim high and pursue their ambitions. It’s really rewarding to see them grow.

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  • Working at Sonova since 2015
  • Current position: Head of Retail – South, Boots Hearingcare
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Previous positions at Sonova:
  • Regional Hearingcare Manager – West Midlands
  • Regional Hearingcare Manager – Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire 
  • Trained occupation: HCPC registered audiologist