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26/03/2014 | 07:30 CET | Group Announcements

Sonova presents new products at AudiologyNOW! 2014

Stäfa (Switzerland), 26 March 2014 – At this year’s AudiologyNOW! congress held in Orlando, Florida from 26-29 March 2014, Sonova will present a range of new products and campaigns under its brands Phonak and Unitron, demonstrating the focus on rapid and continuous innovation. Building on its recent success, Phonak launches the new, third generation of the unique, invisible extended wear hearing instrument Lyric. In addition, the brand will expand the portfolio of basic solutions and introduce a broadened campaign, targeting the large untapped potential of tinnitus treatment. Unitron completes its next generation product portfolio with the introduction of Pro, the premium technology level of its the Moxi2 and Quantum2 product families.


„Once again, both Phonak and Unitron are launching a number of exciting products and solutions at this year’s congress“, says Lukas Braunschweiler, CEO of Sonova. “We are confident that the introduction of the new, third generation Lyric will further support the superior growth of this unique and truly innovative business model, prompting a positive change in the behavior and attitude of customers towards hearing solutions. With the launch of the second generation Lyric two years ago, we already made a significant step towards establishing this exciting new format. All the numbers clearly reflect its success with sales growth exceeding 50% this year.”



From the very beginning, Lyric has been unique: It is the first and only hearing aid that is 100% invisible and can be worn 24 hours a day 7 days a week, for months at a time1, and without requiring the hassles of changing batteries. This has been a convincing concept: 88% of Lyric users report that communication has improved with friends and family, and 94% would recommend it to friends or loved ones2. The new Lyric generation launched at this year’s congress features a low-power, deep-ear chip for enhanced signal processing, an expanded gain range and a new easy-to-use programming wand. It brings more natural hearing experience to users, and improved programming flexibility to Lyric partners. Addressing a new target audience and achieving outstanding satisfaction rates among patients, the new Lyric offers unique growth and differentiation potential for hearing care professionals.


With the introduction of the Baseo Q10 and Q5 (behind-the-ear) and Tao Q10 (in-the-ear) Phonak is complementing the range of products based on the successful Quest platform in the mid and lower Basic price segment. The expansion is part of the Group’s strategy to become a full portfolio provider for hearing care professionals in emerging markets, such as the fast-growing market in China. The products have been tailored to hearing care professionals who want affordable hearing aids that can be fitted with little effort. Today, these fitters often rely on trimmer devices. With this in mind, Phonak designed a ‘Quick&Easy’ Fitting Menu within the Target fitting software that allows for a better first-fit than any trimmer device could achieve.


The new Phonak Tinnitus Program offers audiologists everything they need to develop their business with tinnitus clients. A comprehensive package of support and counseling material allows them to either fine-tune their expertise or add tinnitus management to their skills. In addition, the lead generation component of the program supports audiologists in generating new tinnitus clients. At the core of the portfolio are the Phonak tinnitus-optimized hearing aids which contain a unique broadband noise generator. In addition, the Tinnitus Balance App allows patients to build their own personalized library of music and sounds. A training and lead generation program will initially be available in selected markets, including the US and Canada.


Phonak also introduces a campaign aimed at educating teenagers on the Phonak solutions and how it can help improve and enhance their lives in many real world situations they care about. On a dedicated website (, using teen specific language and visuals, teenagers can access tools such as an interactive Phonak Sky Q and Roger color customization application or a special playlist with music that sounds great with Phonak hearing aids and Roger and that can be shared with friends. The goal is to motivate them to talk to their parents and request Phonak solutions from their hearing care professional. The English language website is going live at AudiologyNOW! with other languages to follow shortly.



Unitron announces Pro, the premium technology level for its Moxi2 and Quantum2 product families. Pro delivers a number of industry leading enhancements. Powered by the Era platform, Moxi2 Pro and Quantum2 Pro offer wearers an ultimate listening experience in all environments. The combination of advanced technologies: a sophisticated four destination Automatic Program, SmartFocus 2 and SpeechZone 2, provide patients with ease of listening in both quiet and noisy environments.


With SpeechZone 2, Moxi2 Pro and Quantum2 Pro can pinpoint speech within 360 degrees and respond intelligently to provide superior results for speech in noise. Activated when speech is present in a noisy environment, its sensors rapidly determine if speech is coming from the front, back, left or right side of the listener. SpeechZone 2 then automatically selects a binaural or asymmetric synchronized microphone strategy to ensure the best possible speech understanding in noise. This ability to target speech from any direction is made possible by the next generation of binaural spatial processing. Both families will be available with Unitron’s unique Flex:trial program, allowing patients to experience the benefits of amplification in their everyday lives with no risk or obligation and Flex:upgrade for current wearers.


Like every year, Sonova will host an investor and analyst presentation at the AudiologNOW! congress in Orlando. The slides of the presentation will be available starting from 27 March 17.30 CET at


1 Individual replacement needs may vary. Duration of device battery life varies by patient and is subject to individual ear conditions.

2 Based on a telephone survey of 100 patients who have used Lyric for at least 30 days.


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