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16/10/2013 | 07:30 CEST | Group Announcements

Sonova presents innovations at EUHA 2013

Staefa (Switzerland), 16 October 2013 – At the International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) opening its doors in Nuremberg, Germany today, Sonova will present a wide spectrum of new products and complete solutions under all of its product brands. The significant expansion of the Roger portfolio of solutions represents a substantial leap forward in Sonova’s long-term wireless strategy, further improving performance even in the most difficult listening situations. Completing the portfolio of solutions on the proven Quest platform, Phonak will also launch a comprehensive new hearing aids family for children and solutions for the cost-conscious. With Moxi2 and Quantum2 Unitron is introducing the next step in the evolution of the Era platform, offering new styles and a full set of features across four technology levels. Both product families are available with Unitron Flex:trial, the industry’s first flexible and risk-free hearing trial solution.


"With the introduction of comprehensive solutions from both Phonak and Unitron, Sonova once again demonstrates broad based industry leading innovation ", says Lukas Braunschweiler, CEO of Sonova. "We are excited about the ongoing roll-out of Roger, a new digital wireless communication standard operating at 2.4 GHz which fits perfectly into the group's wireless strategy. Within one year, Phonak, has successfully launched the most complete portfolio of solutions ever on its well-received Quest platform, including related wireless solutions and accessories. The last piece of the puzzle comes with the launch of a broad range of pediatric devices and tools at this year's congress. This is a remarkable achievement. At the same time Unitron is building on the success of the unique Flex product and service concept, which supports the brand’s mission to be a service leader in the industry".




By expanding its range of Roger products, Phonak is offering users with severe to profound hearing loss an extra performance boost in the most difficult listening situations. With Roger, the new digital standard operating at 2.4 GHz, the speaker's voice is directly transmitted into the user’s hearing aids. The range of solutions includes the compact and easy-to-use wireless Roger Clip-On Mic and the inconspicuous Roger Pen with fully automated microphone settings and Bluetooth cell phone connectivity. The expanded Phonak Wireless Communication Portfolio also features the new Phonak DECT CP1 cordless phone, which transmits the conversation simultaneously to both hearing aids and can also be used by the whole family.


Based on 40 years of experience in pediatric audiology and in close collaboration with pediatric fitters worldwide, Phonak has developed the most complete portfolio of pediatric solutions ever. It includes Phonak Sky Q, an expanded range of wireless accessories with the new Roger technology and the significantly improved fitting software Junior mode within Phonak Target. The portfolio of solutions has been designed to meet specifically the needs of children.


The Phonak Baseo Q-15 and Tao Q-15 models bring the proven Quest technology to cost-conscious clients for the first time, ensuring great sound and an easy fit. All models offer an outstanding first fit acceptance and can be fit with the Phonak Target software, allowing hearing care professionals to use one software for all their fitting needs. The Baseo Q-15 and Tao Q-15 models offer a perfect balance between performance and affordability, making them the most competitive offering in this performance class.



On October 1, 2013 Unitron announced the next generation of its popular Moxi and Quantum hearing instruments built on the Era platform. Available at four technology levels, the Moxi2 and Quantum2 product families incorporate signature technologies that deliver the ease of listening and clarity of speech necessary to create a best first fit experience and overall increased patient satisfaction. In addition, the product families are available in fresh new styles including the new robust Moxi2 Dura as well as a new BTE.


Moxi2 and Quantum2 are also available with Flex:trial, the industry’s first flexible and risk-free hearing trial solution aimed at improving patient satisfaction and hearing instrument adoption. With Flex:trial, patients can be fit the same day with a trial instrument at the recommended technology level, at no cost or obligation, allowing them to experience the benefits of hearing instruments in their daily lives. Highly successful since its introduction to market a year ago, Flex:trial provides hearing care professionals with an unprecedented ability to meet patient expectations while enhancing their business.


Advanced Bionics

Following regulatory approvals in Europe, Canada and the United States earlier this year, Advanced Bionics will showcase Naída CI Q70 (Naída CI), the world's most advanced behind-the-ear sound processor for cochlear implants. Naída CI clearly demonstrates the combined R&D strengths of Advanced Bionics and Phonak by featuring a full performance package, including 100% wireless connectivity to consumer electronics and Binaural VoiceStream Technology for the best in bilateral and bimodal hearing. Further demonstrating that these two innovation leaders are partners for better hearing, the new Roger technology will be available for use with Naída CI processors providing AB recipients with access to the new digital wireless standard from Phonak.



For further information about these new products, please refer to the trade press releases of the respective brands.


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