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06/04/2011 | 08:00 CEST | Group Announcements

Sonova News from AudiologyNow!2011

Stäfa (Switzerland), 06.04.2011 - Sonova introduces new products from Phonak, Unitron and Sona



Naída S – the new Phonak Spice generation now completed

Everything that made Naída the first choice for hundreds of thousands of power users has been empowered with the exclusive features of the Phonak Spice Generation technology. Furthermore signature features such as SoundRecover and WhistleBlock have been enhanced and are now more effective than ever. Naída S is available in three performance and price levels as well as two models (SP/UP), offering a broad product portfolio for people with significant hearing loss. Naída S provides:


- Highest level of audibility and power communication everywhere

- More choices and wireless freedom

- More dependability in an esthetical appealing design




Unitron, a global provider of world-class hearing innovations announced today the release of Era™, the company’s next generation sound processing platform, representing a significant technological leap forward for the company in high-fidelity sound.  Era lays the groundwork for the company’s new Quantum™ and Moxi™ product brands, scheduled for market release in late Spring.


Automatic performance with SmartFocus™ - With the Era platform, Unitron has advanced automatic technology by enabling the custom blending of the hearing instruments’ response based on high-resolution sensing and precise classification of the complex sound environment

Pinna Effect - The location of hearing instrument microphones alters the natural sound quality enjoyed by people with normal hearing.

Natural Sound Balance - Natural Sound Balance is an integral part of Unitron’s open-fit strategy. It continuously monitors the combination




Sona Hearing, is introducing a true world premiere at this year’s AudiologyNOW! – sona:vogue ric, the only upgradeable receiver-in-canal system. In combination with its suitability for mild to severe hearing losses, sona:vogue ric offers an advantageous solution for the majority of patients.


For further information about the products, please find the following trade press releases of the respective brands: