“Our passion is taking technology to its limits”

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Thomas Lang, Senior Vice President of Phonak Marketing, knows how emotional it can be to see a child hear for the first time. However, a lot more will be possible in future thanks to the digital revolution.


Mr Lang, what kind of image do hearing aids enjoy?

15% of the world’s adult population is affected by hearing loss, but only 20-40% of these wear a hearing aid. There’s still a lot of potential here. We are constantly working on changing this situation because hearing is a requirement for communication and therefore crucial to us as social animals.

Is your work meaningful?

Absolutely. Sonova changes lives. Not just the lives of the people with hearing loss, but of those around them. This is what motivates me every day to work to the best of my ability. Imagine being there when a child hears for the first time in their life. It’s unbelievably emotional. I’ve even often witnessed many long-standing employees welling up. At Sonova we share a common vision: giving people with hearing loss a life without limitations. We enjoy exhausting the possibilities of technology.

What influence has the digital revolution had on your company?

A big one. The digital revolution offers new opportunities both for hearing-aid acousticians and consumers. For example, it is conceivable that acousticians may be able to adjust hearing aids remotely over the Internet in future, which would make things easier for wearers of hearing aids. We have devoted a department to driving innovations in the digital world – the eBusiness Development Team. We require more and more web developers at Sonova to help us with this. However, this does not mean the end of the road for electrical specialists/acousticians, material scientists or other, more traditional jobs, as people will, of course, still need hearing aids.

How important then are technological innovations at Sonova?

Hearing aids are high-performance computers –  this often surprises people. We have still got a long way to go, and that’s because hearing is unbelievably complex. But that is also precisely why this field is so exciting.

Being innovative is in Sonova’s DNA. We invest lots of resources in research and development and give our employees as much freedom as possible. We want to offer something that truly benefits our customers, because that is what genuine innovation is all about.


Thomas Lang has worked at Sonova for over 15 years in various positions within research and development and also in Phonak Marketing. As the Vice President of eBusiness Development, he was responsible for driving innovations for hearing aids within the digital arena. Since September 2016, he has been the Senior Vice President of Phonak Marketing and, therefore, had overall responsibility for marketing the hearing aid brand Phonak, as well as still being responsible for the eBusiness Development Team.


Interview: Anna Miller on behalf of Universum

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