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11/03/2020 | 08:00 CET | Unitron

Unitron’s Shine Rev+ family paired with fitting software enhancements makes it easier to help more people in less time

March 11, 2020 — Kitchener, Canada. Today, Unitron announced Shine Rev+, a new family of basic category hearing instruments to offer high quality, affordable devices to meet the growing global demand for hearing care. A quick and easy new workflow means hearing care professionals can get a more accurate fit in less time, allowing them to help even more people. 

Currently, an estimated 466 million people – about 6 % of the world’s population – live with a disabling hearing loss.1 Not only can it lead to social isolation and decreased quality of life, the resulting loss of productivity is estimated to have an economic impact of $750 billion. Unfortunately, people in developing countries are more likely to be affected, and less likely to receive help.

“In many countries, as few as 3 % of people have access to the hearing care they need to enjoy a full life. And with people living longer and the overall aging of our population, the need has never been greater,” says Sandra Fulton, Vice-president, Group Marketing. “With Shine Rev+, we can offer hearing instruments to everyone to help meet that need.”

A quick and easy fitting workflow

Helping people hear better is at the heart of what a hearing care professional does. However, at some clinics or remote locations it’s easy to become overloaded by the number of people seeking care. And due to limited access, it could be months before a hearing care professional sees a client again. Helping as many people as possible requires both an efficient and accurate fitting.

“Hearing care professionals can now fit new clients with five clicks or less rather than toggling through different screens and risk missing a crucial detail”, explains Dr. Donald Hayes, Director of Clinical Research. “Our workflow captures all of the key information, all in one place, for a more accurate fit. It means that hearing care professionals can help more people, and clients can take home a hearing solution that meets their needs right from the start.” 

Unitron - Shine Rev

Sophisticated technology at an entry level price

Affordability is no longer a barrier. Shine Rev+ offers advanced technology to help clients hear more clearly and comfortably, including:

  • Automatically adjusted directionality with AutoMic (no need to press any buttons)
  • Reduced discomfort caused by sudden, loud noises with AntiShock
  • Dynamically balanced adaptive features to enhance speech and reduce distracting background noise with Sound Conductor

Designs they’ll be proud to wear

Shine Rev+ offers award-winning designs that are both comfortable to wear and stylish. 

Products available in the Shine Rev+ family include:

  • Shine Rev+ RIC – Style meets functionality with a 312 battery, push button and telecoil
  • Shine Rev+ M – Discretion meets power and comfort that’s second to none
  • Shine Rev+ P – Stylish design with dual controls for program and volume adjustments
  • Shine Rev+ UP – An Ultra Power BTE style with a 675 battery designed to last and last
  • Shine Rev+ ITE – Custom-made to best fit each client, optimizing directional microphone performance to their unique ear shape

1 World Health Organization global estimates on prevalence of hearing loss, 2018

About Unitron

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