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17/05/2019 | 17:09 CEST | Unitron

Unitron’s Insights combines four data innovations to aid proactive counselling

A more complete picture of a listening lifestyle means a more personalized hearing solution

Kitchener, Canada. Insights, part of the FLEXTM experience on Unitron’s new Discover platform, better connects hearing care professionals (HCPs) and their clients throughout the hearing care journey. 

Powered by a cloud-based system, Insights provides HCPs with a deeper understanding of their clients’ needs and preferences. This revolutionary method for capturing and visualizing a clients’ listening lifestyle ensures that the information needed to provide the most personalized hearing solution is always available.

“When a client takes home a set of hearing instruments to try for free with FLEX:TRIAL™, they start what we call a real-world assessment,” explains Shaun Coghlan, Senior Product Manager, Unitron. “Experiencing better hearing in the places they work, live and play provides the opportunity to understand their true listening needs on a deeper level than ever before. Insights automatically collects data, and, through the Remote Plus app, the wearer can self-report how well they are hearing in any given environment. The HCP can review this critical information and use it to fully personalize a hearing solution.”

Unitron data insights

Four data innovations


Like other hearing solutions, Usage automatically collects data while the hearing instruments are turned on, including how much time a client wears them, the amount of time they spend in each program, and any volume adjustments that are made. 

Log It All

Unique to Unitron, Log It Allclassifies and tracks the amount of time a client spends in seven different listening environments – regardless of the hearing instrument’s technology level – providing a true picture of their lifestyle. In fact, 78% of HCPs reported that Log It All allowed them to be more proactive in counselling their clients.1


Clients can share in-the-moment impressions of their hearing experiences using their smartphone with Ratings on the Remote Plus app2, keeping them engaged and involved throughout their real-world assessment. When a rating is submitted, Insights also captures the current hearing instrument settings to provide deeper context. The rating is analysed, and a suggestion to help resolve the issue may be pushed right to the app. Email notifications keep HCPs in the know when a client isn’t satisfied so they can reach out or be prepared to address the issue at a follow up appointment.

Overall satisfaction

Clients can also be prompted to share more information through an Overall satisfaction email survey which asks them to rate how satisfied they are with their hearing aid, on a scale from 1 to 10. If their response is 6 or lower, follow-up questions can help target trouble spots where there’s opportunity to improve their experience. 

Bringing it all together

Bringing together this data, in one place, is the Insights Overview dashboard in Unitron’s TrueFit™ fitting software. Here, HCPs can directly access current client data within their individual record to quickly understand their listening lifestyle through comprehensive data visualizations and any environments in which they have reported a positive or negative experience.

Additionally, myInsightsprovides a complete snapshot of all clients. HCPs and clinic staff can review the snapshot to identify anyone who is having a positive experience as well as those who may be struggling with their hearing solution – without having to check individual client records within Unitron TrueFit.3


HCP FLEX program survey, USA, 2018

2 For the use of the Remote Plus app, Unitron hearing aids with Bluetooth® connectivity are required. The Remote Plus app works on Apple smartphones with iOS 10.2 or newer and Android smartphones with version 6 or newer.

Data is only available to clinic employees. Transparency is vital, so throughout the setup process we ensure that you and your client know exactly what data will be stored and who can access it.

Products available on the Discover platform

Products currently available on the Discover platform include two RIC (receiver-in-canal) hearing instruments: the MOXITM Fit with a 312 battery and MOXITM Jump R with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Both feature industry-leading connectivity that enables streaming of phone calls and digital media from mobile devices to both ears, hands free, from any smartphone.4

Smartphones and traditional mobile phones with compatible Bluetooth connectivity.

About Unitron

Unitron is a hearing solution company that believes people should feel good about the entire hearing care experience, start to finish. Providing an exceptional product is just the beginning. Our ingenious FLEX™ ecosystem is a collection of products, technologies, services and programs designed to make the experience of buying and wearing a hearing instrument feel easy and empowering, with a level of personalized care you simply can’t get anywhere else. Get ready to Love the experience. A member of the Sonova Group, Unitron was established in 1964 and now has a global footprint, delivering an exceptional experience in over 60 countries. For more information, visit