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12/04/2016 | 10:00 CEST | Unitron

Unitron earns the company its third consecutive Red Dot Design Award

Stride P internationally recognized for its styling, comfort and intuitive control.

April 12, 2016 – Kitchener, CanadaUnitron, a global innovator of advanced hearing solutions, today announced that Stride P, the most recent addition to Unitron’s patient-centric family of hearing aids has been recognized with the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016. The award is the third consecutive Red Dot award for Unitron, and the first for the Stride product family.

The international Red Dot jury, made up of independent design experts, educators and specialty journalists, gathers annually to appraise the best products of the year. More than 5200 products were submitted this for consideration this year, representing manufacturers and product designers from 57 nations. Products are evaluated for functionality, degree of innovation, formal quality and ecological compatibility, and award-winning products must demonstrate that design is an integral part of the innovative product solution.

Unitron’s latest Red Dot award winner is Stride P, the most recent addition to theUnitron family of hearing aids. Developed for patients with more severe hearing loss, the organically shaped, behind-the-ear (BTE) Stride P combines the best of fluid styling, comfort and intuitive control. For more severe hearing losses, a larger hearing instrument is required to house a more powerful battery. Stride P accommodates this design consideration with style and grace, featuring a flowing shape that tucks discreetly and comfortably behind the ear. G2 curvatures yield a smooth, flawless surface, while the darker accent applied to the central housing is designed to create an impression of a smaller hearing aid in the hand. User controls are characterized by intuitive design, including defined tactile  program and volume buttons , easy operation even for those with dexterity issues, and a battery door that ensures batteries are inserted correctly. The close attention to physical and psychological comfort -- how Stride P feels and how it makes wearers feel -- and intuitive functionality improves patient acceptance.

“Stride P represents a further maturing of patient-centric design philosophy, initially launched  with the award-winning Moxi product family and extends our unique design thinking to the BTE category,” says André de Goeij, Director of Product Management and Product Marketing, Unitron. “While Stride represents a larger form factor, its fluid design and flawless appearance successfully creates the impression of a much smaller hearing aid in the hand.”

About Unitron

Unitron is a global company that understands the hearing healthcare business is built on strong, personal relationships. We work closely with hearing healthcare professionals to improve the lives of people with hearing loss. A member of the Sonova Group, Unitron has a proven track record of developing hearing innovations that provide natural sound with exceptional speech understanding. Unitron distributes its full line of hearing instruments to customers in over 60 countries and is headquartered in Canada. For more information, please visit us on the web