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14/04/2021 | 08:26 CEST | Hansaton

HANSATON unveils a new galaxy of hearing with its new STRATOS platform

Hearing system manufacturer, HANSATON has released its all-new STRATOS platform featuring three RIC hearing aids. Designed to explore new dimensions of hearing, this latest offering delivers stronger performance, more connectivity features, even easier handling, and even more spectacular designs. 


Innovative by tradition

Since the inception of HANSATON in Hamburg, Germany, the hearing system manufacturer has been striving to provide exceptional, cutting-edge products with impeccable design to exclusive partners and their clients. With a driving passion to help people hear better, HANSATON delivers esthetically pleasing designs so people can be proud to use hearing systems. STRATOS is the incredible next step on this journey.

STRATOS: Explore new galaxies of hearing 

Featuring the PRISM™ chip, with double the memory, STRATOS opens up further possibilities to reach new heights with its HearIntelligence™ technology. Developed with the goal of enhancing natural functions and processes in human hearing, this cutting edge technology senses the acoustic environment as closely as possible to the way nature does. It provides smooth interactions between each feature designed to recreate multidimensional hearing in a multitude of social situations. 

A New Dimension of HearIntelligence

STRATOS provides clients with a more natural hearing experience and better sound right from the start. Its vibrant sound processing capabilities embody features such as Dynamic SpeechBeam with Intelligent NoiseReduction for a new level of sound performance. 

Dynamic SpeechBeam helps clients to focus on a conversation partner in difficult listening environments, regardless of which direction the speech is coming from. This is achieved by its binaural 360° speech recognition capability. Intelligent NoiseReduction highlights speech coming from the front, by canceling intense background noise from beside and behind the hearing aid wearer. Together, these features work cohesively to help provide better opportunities for clients to hear in challenging situations and enjoy the conversation.

AQ sound ST R. Tiny. Wireless. Rechargeable.

Making decisions easy

Selecting the right performance level is crucial for a client’s success with their hearing aids. It’s often difficult for them to describe the types of acoustic situations they encounter most often and in which of those they experience difficulty hearing. STRATOS hearing aids incorporate a new Lifestyle Analyzer, which can monitor listening environments and report back with relevant information. The results visually help clients in the decision-making process with their hearing healthcare professional by simply seeing how well each performance level matches their lifestyle. This stand out feature allows for both hearing care professionals and clients to find the right performance levels, together!

Easier to use thanks to new connectivity features

New connectivity options in STRATOS offer more dimensions for clients to interact with their hearing aids and enjoyimproved ease of use. The Tap control feature, available on rechargeable hearing aids, provides clients control of their mobile phone devices with a simple double tap on the ear. They can easily accept and end phone calls, play and pause audio streaming, or even trigger voice assistants, such as Siri or Google Now™ Service. New Bluetooth® functionality now makes it possible to connect two phones or tablets at once with hands-free phone calls on any Bluetooth® capable devices.*

New stars on the horizon

The three new STRATOS RICs include the AQ sound ST R, the smallest HANSATON rechargeable hearing aid, the AQ sound ST RT, the rechargeable with telecoil, and the sound ST R312, the battery powered option. Available in exclusive designs and complementary tone-on-tone colors, these new stars are destined to light up the hearing aid galaxy and delight numerous hearing aid wearers.

*Smartphones and traditional mobile phones with compatible Bluetooth® profiles.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Siri is a trademark of Apple Inc. Google Now service is a trademark of Google LLC.

All comparisons refer to STRATOS and previous HANSATON products.


HANSATON, a hearing system manufacturing company, was founded in 1957 in Hamburg and has been part of the Sonova Group since 2015. Throughout the hearing system industry, HANSATON stands for innovative technology and award-winning product design. Together with hearing system professionals and partners, HANSATON develops custom-tailored solutions to help people enjoy optimal hearing experiences. HANSATON hearing systems are available worldwide.