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02/05/2023 | 08:00 CEST | Hansaton

HANSATON Launches HANSATON FOKUS, an Exceptional Hearing Aid Platform

HANSATON FOKUS feature two people at a social gathering full of smiles.

Be in the moment... with HANSATON FOKUS

May 2, 2023 – HANSATON is thrilled to announce the launch of its new platform, HANSATON FOKUS. The platform sets a new standard in hearing aids, allowing clients to focus on what’s important to them and be fully present in the moment.

The HANSATON FOKUS platform launches with two new rechargeable RIC hearing aids and boasts two brand-new features, StereoBeam and Dynamic SpeechBeam in car, helping clients engage during conversations in noisy situations or in the confines of a car, respectively.

Make a statement at the next party with StereoBeam

StereoBeam enables clients to participate with confidence at their next party and enjoy conversation when wearing HANSATON FOKUS hearing aids. The new platform offers an improved signal-to-noise ratio thanks to StereoBeam. StereoBeam engages automatically in very loud noise situations, when the hearing aids transition into the exclusive Conversation in loud noise environment. StereoBeam uses the power of 4 microphones together from the left and right hearing aids to create a tighter beam, for increased focus on speech from the front.

Enjoy the next car ride with Dynamic SpeechBeam in car

Car drivers and passengers can be part of the usual chit-chatting in the car when driving with family and friends thanks to the new Dynamic SpeechBeam in car feature. Enable your clients to stay focused on the conversation, not the car noise, with our enhanced Dynamic SpeechBeam in car feature. The binaural 360° speech recognition detects the location of speech in the confines of a car. The hearing aids then work together to focus on the person talking and significantly reduce background noise, such as engine or traffic noise. Dynamic SpeechBeam and Intelligent Noise Reduction can help your clients hear their co-passengers, no matter where they’re sitting in the car.

Small sizes, great technology, stylish Design

The new RIC hearing aid AQ sound FS R, only 2.5 cm in size, is HANSATON’s smallest rechargeable hearing wonder. The AQ sound FS RT is also rechargeable and includes a telecoil. Both RIC hearing aids come with a modern, unique design and the exceptional FOKUS sound performance. They’re available in five performance levels, which include up to eight automatic listening environments, part of the innovative HearIntelligence™ technology. They also offer connectivity to all mobile phones*, hands-free phone calls, and high-quality streaming.

HANSATON FOKUS hearing aids

HearIntelligence™ technology 

HANSATON’s HearIntelligence™ technology was developed with the goal of enhancing natural functions and processes in human hearing. It provides multidimensional hearing and realistic connections with the acoustic environment in a multitude of social situations. HearIntelligence™ technology offers a suite of features to help clients focus on conversations, making it easier to connect with others. 

Design with a purpose

"We believe that great design pairs remarkable beauty with outstanding functionality, and we strive to create designs that help end the stigma around hearing aids," says Betty Rule, Director of HANSATON Hearing Instrument Business. "With HANSATON FOKUS, we want to partner with like-minded hearing care professionals to provide hearing aids that people can be proud of."

HANSATON FOKUS – The right solution for every lifestyle 

HANSATON FOKUS offers an array of performance levels, catering to different listening lifestyles, from music lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and very social people to busy professionals. The platform features rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries, wireless connectivity, and innovative designs that clients will love. The platform also includes a user-friendly app for program changes and volume adjustments. Choosing the right performance level is essential to achieving an exceptional hearing experience, and HANSATON FOKUS offers an extensive range of levels to meet each client's unique needs.

Lifestyle Analyzer

The Lifestyle Analyzer makes selecting the right performance level easy with three simple steps. First, clients can wear the myChoice or standard hearing aids for a few weeks, and the devices will gather information about their listening lifestyle. Then, clients can review their listening lifestyle with a hearing care professional to discuss the importance of different listening situations based on their personalized data. Finally, with this new information and discussion, hearing care professionals and clients can confirm the performance level selection that best suits the client’s needs.


HANSATON’s passion for people, design, and innovation is realized through cutting-edge solutions.  The combination of HANSATON’s and Sonova’s history delivers a joint strength of over 100 years of experience, including a rich German heritage of quality, design, and engineering and Swiss precision and innovation.  Looking to the future, HANSATON commits to continuous learning from partners to push the limits of design and technology to meet the needs of current and future clients. 

*Smartphones and traditional mobile phones with compatible Bluetooth® profiles. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.