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05/10/2020 | 08:00 CEST | Hansaton

HANSATON announces two new, exciting hearing systems, the jazz XC Pro and the jam XC Pro, based on the EXCITE Pro platform launched earlier this year.

Monday, October 5, 2020:   

Today, consumers expect options that best fit their lifestyle and character not just their hearing needs. In order to satisfy these customers, HANSATION is adding a full line of custom-made, in-the-ear hearing aids to our EXCITE Pro portfolio, including an option with wireless connectivity. ITE wearers will no longer miss out on hands-free calls and direct streaming features and both BTE and RIC wearers can now choose between battery-powered or rechargeable Lithium-ion solutions.

New offerings provide extraordinary performance, discreet styling and advanced features

Two new product lineups from HANSATON aim to please both ITE wearers looking for advanced wireless features while maintaining discreet styling and BTE wearers looking for the familiarity of a replaceable battery system on hearing aids with the latest EXCITE Pro technology.

jazz XC Pro

Super discreet, technological wonders.
Super discreet, technological wonders.

The HANSATON jazz XC Pro in-the-ear models are custom-made with meticulous care for a combination of comfort and confidence. For customers who consider size paramount, jazz XC Pro 10 and jazz XC Pro 312 provide tiny, discreet style with excellent sound optimization. For customers who want all the advantages of wireless connectivity, the jazz XC Pro 312 Dir W combines custom style with the full binaural and wireless feature set of EXCITE Pro including the ability to make hands-free phone calls and stream media with either Apple or Android phones.

jam XC Pro R

jam XC Pro R312 M Exciting Blue DESIGN EDITION
Familiar handling, extraordinary performance.

The jam XC Pro R312 M hearing system provides extraordinary sound quality combined with the convenience of a BTE and the familiarity of a battery-powered system. At only 2.8 cm in size, the jam XC Pro R312 M hearing systems are easy to handle, comfortable to wear and offer great sound quality based on HearIntelligence technology.

The EXCITE Pro platform

HANSATON’s newest platform, EXCITE Pro, and its cutting edge technologies have opened new doors for the hearing aid industry. HANSATON’s latest HearIntelligence™ technologies tackle two of the most challenging areas facing people with hearing loss:  loud, exciting surroundings and quiet conversations with friends. 

“EXCITE Pro hearing solutions support and enhance hearing experiences using nature’s blueprint.” says Betty Rule, Director, HANSATON Business Unit. “Our new, specially designed features help provide the best possible experience for those with hearing loss and could lead to a whole new quality of life with family and friends.”


Founded in 1957, advanced hearing systems provider HANSATON, has been part of the Sonova Group since 2015.  Throughout the hearing system industry, HANSATON has become known for developing innovative technology and award-winning product design.Together with hearing system professionals and partners, HANSATON develops custom-tailored solutions to help people enjoy optimal hearing experiences.  HANSATON hearing systems are available worldwide in more than 70 countries.

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