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18/05/2020 | 08:00 CEST | Hansaton

EXCITE Pro platform helps people with hearing loss connect to others through enhanced conversations powered by our latest HearIntelligence technology. In addition, we are launching a new product line of flow+ hearing systems, available starting June 2020

Monday, May 18, 2020: HANSATON’s newest platform, EXCITE Pro, and it’s cutting edge technologies open new doors in hearing aid technology. HANSATON’s latest HearIntelligence™ technologies tackle two of the most challenging areas facing people with hearing loss: loud, exciting surroundings and enjoying quiet conversations with friends. HANSATON’s smallest ever RIC (receiver-in-the-canal) AQ sound XC Pro R joins the series with Lithium-ion rechargeability, connection to Apple and Android Bluetooth® phones, compatibility with Roger™ devices and eye-pleasing designs.

“EXCITE Pro hearing solutions support and enhance hearing experiences using nature’s blueprint.” says Betty Rule, Director, HANSATON Business Unit. “Our new, specially designed features help provide the best possible experience for those with hearing loss and could lead to a whole new quality of life with family and friends.”

Hansaton XCProR

Enhanced natural functions and processes in human hearing

Our HearIntelligenceTM technology senses the acoustic environment of the wearer as closely as possible to the way nature does. Advanced processing supports the complex interactions between the incoming sound, the hearing organs and the brain. And now, new features address two of the toughest situations for those with hearing loss - soft voices and conversations in loud environments. The EXCITE Pro series works smoothly to create a seamless hearing experience in a variety of acoustic environments – from loud, exciting surroundings to quiet time with friends and family.

“One of our goals was to make sure those with hearing loss don’t miss out on any important moments.”, says Betty Rule. “We’re so excited to be able to open the door to enhancing natural conversations in some of the most difficult sound environments.”

Two key new features, which offer benefits over past HANSATON products:

  • ConversationBoost XC Pro identifies soft speech sounds and boosts them up above the background noise to make quietly spoken words easier to hear
  • ConversationOptimizer XC Pro uses binaural 360° speech recognition capability to help make speech in intense background noise easier to understand – even if it’s coming from the side or behind

Hear like a Pro from soft to loud

The EXCITE Pro series combines improvements to handling of difficult listening situations with eye-pleasing designs, Lithium-ion rechargeability, and smart functions like connectivity to Apple and Android phones with binaural, hands-free streaming to both ears - making it the true professional choice.

Available products include:

  • sound XC Pro R
  • AQ sound XC Pro R
  • AQ sound XC Pro RT
  • AQ jam XC Pro R

The EXCITE product series by HANSATON was designed to create high spontaneous acceptance from the very first moment thanks to excellent sound quality and design paired with Intelligent Acclimatization. With new HearIntelligence™ features, these hearing systems support wearer’s natural hearing function. HANSATON is showcasing DESIGN EDITION hearing systems boasting first-class materials, clean lines, rich colors, and delicate shapes that are a real joy to behold and wear.


Along with the EXCITE Pro products, HANSATON is also pleased to announce the launch of the flow+ product line: a set of hearing systems in the basic category that boast both high quality and design. The flow+ products were designed to boost conversations and optimize sounds – all with stylish design. The flow+ line of products can help meet the needs of clients by meeting their essential hearing needs to boost conversations and suppress noise. They comes in 3 BTEs, 3 ITEs and a stylish RIC option. The flow+ products are based on proven technology that can be optimized to a client’s needs through the scout fitting software.


Founded in 1957, advanced hearing systems manufacturer and supplier HANSATON has been part of the Sonova Group since 2015. Throughout the hearing system industry, HANSATON stands for innovative technology and award-winning product design. Together with hearing system professionals and partners, HANSATON develops custom-tailored solutions to help people enjoy optimal hearing experiences. HANSATON hearing systems are available worldwide.

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