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The following selection of articles from leading international media feature Sonova, our people and products. The articles are listed in the original publishing language.

China Daily

Switzerland’s Sonova Group, the world’s largest hearing care solutions provider by revenue, plans to build its Asia-Pacific’s first hearing training and education center in Suzhou, Jiang-su province.


The hearing aid sector has huge potential because only 20% of those who could benefit use them, said Lukas Braunschweiler, CEO of Sonova. Braunschweiler added that the market for cochlear implants is even less penetrated with adoption rates around 6%. Sonova recently acquired Hansaton, a German hearing aid manufacturer to increase the company’s global footprint as well as reduce the effect of the Swiss Central Bank’s recent decision to un-peg the Franc.

BNN - Business News Network

Lukas Braunschweiler, Chief Executive Officer, Sonova joins BNN's The Street for a look at the advancements being made to help hearing loss.

China Daily

Despite being the world's largest hearing care services provider, the Switzerland-based Sonova Group believes that it has its task cut out in China, especially to sustain growth on a long-term basis.


You probably haven’t heard of Sonova Holding, but investors should soon become aware of the Switzerland-based company when this leading global developer and maker of innovative hearing solutions launches sometime in October its new product platform that enhances assistance to the hearing-impaired.


A wireless microphone in the shape of a pen, made by Switzerland's Sonova, can help people with hearing loss understand speech better than those with normal hearing at certain noise levels, a study has shown.

7 News |

A little girl never heard her parents voices or her dog bark until a life-changing surgery. 7's Christine Cruz shows how technology is making sure Kylie can hear.

Bloomberg Businessweek

Lyric is a tiny analog hearing aid that sits one-sixth of an inch above the eardrum. Implanting the Lyric does not require surgery or anesthesia. It has a much longer battery life than traditional hearing aids and can be left in overnight.

With baby boomers reaching retirement age, the healthcare industry is bracing for the challenges a larger number of retirees will bring, and industry leaders in technology could stand to reap huge profits in the process. Sonova CEO Lukas Braunschweiler discusses.

Finance Director Europe

In some senior executive roles, in-depth knowledge of a specific industry can be a great boon, but when it comes to the head of the finance function, skills can be successfully transferred between different kinds of business. Jim Banks spoke to Sonova CFO Hartwig Grevener, whose experience in other industries has helped him fit perfectly into his new role.