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Key profiles

Challenging tasks 

According to our business focus we offer challenging tasks for graduate engineers and audiologists. Graduates gain the opportunity to become specialists, project leaders or group leaders in interdisciplinary project teams within our global organization. At Sonova you will find an environment in which to expand your capabilities and bring your qualifications to bear.

Areas of employment as a Sonova audiologist

Science and technology

You will have the opportunity to collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to develop new prototypes for internal and market testing. To ensure our technology is developed with the fitter and patient in mind, our audiologists work closely with engineers, software developers and other technical disciplines. Pilot data is internalized and used to make products that are ready to go to market.

Retail business / AudioNova

As a retail audiologist you will test and prescribe hearing aids suitable to the hearing loss you diagnose. You will fit hearing aids and counsel your clients to realize a renewed quality of life. You will enjoy career satisfaction by providing one-to-one support via testing, diagnosing, fitting and patient follow up, ensuring repeat business for our new hearing aid technologies.

Research and development

As a research audiologist for System Integration at Phonak Headquarters you will work closely with the Engineers responsible for optimizing Features and Precalculation, integrated within our Hearing Instrument and Software platform. You will assist by providing Audiological insights and pre-validating whether or not new optimizations provide the greatest client benefits and are quickly and naturally accepted. You will also aid communication between our System Integration Engineers and other departments, ensuring there is better understanding between our Technology and Audiology teams.


As an audiologist in the Marketing department your role may cover one of more areas spanning Clinical Research, Product Validation, Audiology & Training and Pediatric Audiology. As clinical research audiologist, you will manage partnerships with key opinion leaders and external research and clinical institutions to carry out studies of new products and features. In validation, you will work with a large group of hearing aid wearers to assess the audiological performance of new products.

Areas of employment as a Sonova engineer

Research & development

You will not only develop hearing systems and fitting/embedded software, but also wireless communication systems and implantable hearing solutions. You will continually set technological milestones in areas ranging from applied research and development through to the optimization of sound quality and performance.

Custom products & services

As a Sonova engineer in the Custom Products & Services division, you will develop customized products, processes and services, and constantly optimize these for all the production sites throughout the world, in order to guarantee that all our solutions remain at the cutting edge of technology.

Manufacturing engineering

The Manufacturing Engineering division forms the interface between our Research & Development and Production divisions. Employing your high levels of precision and extensive expertise, you will develop, optimize and manage production processes within this division, and set the standards for our operation centers throughout the world.

Application engineering

As a Sonova engineer in our Application Engineering division, you will quickly take responsibility for a range of projects. You will adapt assemblies from our product portfolio to meet specifications and implement specific customer requirements for our security and studio products. In addition, you will act as a contact for our sales and development departments.