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Internship & Thesis


Sonova has more than 14,000 committed employees in over 100 countries, all of whom contribute to something greater than themselves – they transform lives. Join our mission and become part of our team!

Sonova offers students and graduates the chance to gain initial qualified professional experience and a valuable insight into a modern and innovative company with pioneering spirit. Apply now for an internship!

You can find the vacant internships here.

Otherwise, you can upload your spontaneous application online via the following link. Please send us your complete application (motivation letter, curriculum vitae, any job references and diplomas) link. Mention your preferred area where you would like to be employed and the period in which you will be available in your letter.

In the process development department, we offer two to three internships per year. All further information and contact details for your application can be found here (job ad only in German).


Sonova has a very strong network of collaborations with various leading Universities around the world. Students often actively participate in these collaborations in various forms. We offer students the opportunity to work within our organization as a member of one of our Research and Development teams either in an internship, on their Bachelor- or Master-thesis or on a PhD thesis.

As a manufacturer of hearing aids and cochlear implants we have to develop cutting edge solutions in a wide range of different technologies such as Microelectronics and Digital Signal Processing, Material Sciences, Audiology and Hearing Science, Acoustics, Power Sources and Implant Technologies.

An internship also could be a useful complement for thesis work at Sonova. During this internship, you will have the opportunity to discuss possible topics for your thesis together with your team. During the processing period, support also will be provided by a mentor from your team.