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Career development

We know that it is our employees who set us apart and spur our success year after year. We’re only able to hit our targets because they hit theirs. So we are committed to being a great place to work, where employees know they can develop to the best of their potential and gain recognition for their individual performance.

As a professional at Sonova, you will find you have a wider sphere of influence and more creative freedom than elsewhere. So you will be able to broaden or deepen your existing job responsibilities, as well as having the opportunity to progress quickly upwards.

Personnel development

We regularly review the competencies, performance and potential of our employees, providing constructive feedback and investing time to develop the individuals strengths. Furthermore we discuss career plans and define learning measures to close any existing skill gaps that affect or could affect a team member’s current or future roles.

With our global Succession Planning, we pro-actively manage the risk of loss for key positions while at the same time identifying and developing the talents of potential replacements.

Sonova Academy

The Sonova Academy is our group-wide education platform. In close collaboration with selected external partners (i.e. the St. Gallen Management School) our academy offers targeted programs for strategic business development and provides best-performing talents and Senior Management with the opportunity to enhance their personal leadership skills. The Sonova Academy also serves as a cross-business learning network within our decentralized organization to provide continuity and support change.

Program portfolio

The structure of our Academy reflects the Group’s decentralized structure. International programs address themes that are relevant across national and organizational boundaries. These programs are organized and conducted in English and are available to participants from different countries and different Sonova business units.

Regional programs, while sharing similar concepts, emphasize regional and brand specific circumstances. These are usually conducted in the respective national language.

International programs

High Potential Program

This tailor-made program is designed for our most promising and best-performing talents. It presents an excellent opportunity for these staff to broaden their knowledge and learn under the supervision of Sonova’s Management Board Members and carefully selected facilitators. Participants are given the opportunity to boost their development within the Sonova Group and to build a group-wide network for the future.

Each participant is involved in a value-adding High Potential Program project and is assigned a personal mentor from our Senior Management team. Due to growing international demand for these skills the program covers intercultural competence and business acumen.

Workshop 1 (Asia-Pacific): Management & Leadership

Workshop 2 (USA): Personal Excellence

Workshop 3 (Europe): Strategic Management


As leadership is a critical factor for sustainable business success, we created this global leadership program to challenge our top executives to become even more effective at leading their people, their teams, and their organizations. Through intensive feedback, coaching and experiential exercises, the program offers our senior managers the opportunity to reflect on their personal style, to understand and to increase the impact they have on their company's performance, and to plan how they will continue to develop as leaders at Sonova.

Financial Leadership Program

On this action-oriented course participants will experience the impact of different strategic decisions on the company’s financial situation. They will also broaden their entrepreneurial view to increase the organization’s profitability. The program helps to optimize the company’s operating expense by analyzing financials and monitoring key performance indicators. By the end of this program participants will have an increased understanding of the value-adding potential of their company or functional area, and be capable of further increasing the profitability of our organization.

Sonova Knowledge Portal

Sonova operates in a dynamic, fast-moving environment where up-to-date knowledge keeps us ahead of our competitors. This advanced web portal provides direct access to a vast quantity of material that is current, relevant and presented in user-friendly form. The material is provided in various formats including podcasts and videos. Topics range from Strategy and Leadership & Management to Communication and Personal Development.

Regional programs (HQ Switzerland)

Leadership Essentials

Some managers “only” lead by intuition. They never consider their own patterns of behavior and the different personalities of their employees, they do not reflect on their previous behavior toward individual employees and the team as a whole, and they do not consciously consider their behavioral options.

The Leadership Essentials program teaches participants how to adapt their leadership behavior flexibly and according to the situation at hand, and how to hone their ability to drive discussions in various leadership situations. This enables them to improve their effectiveness.

Project Management Essentials

Professionally managed projects have an immediate impact on the efficiency of a business. In spite of this however, many companies persist with inefficient project management, which leads not only to higher costs than necessary, but also to dissatisfaction among customers and the project team. In many cases this is not due to insufficient expertise or commitment, but rather to a lack of professional methods, tools and techniques, and the leadership qualities required. Project Management Essentials teaches participants about the general basic principles of project management as well as our company-specific policies, guidelines and processes.

Business Management Essentials

This course enables participants to learn to think and act in an entrepreneurial way through use of role-play in realistic business situations. To start, participants form groups of three to five people and take responsibility for their own company, acting as its management team. Each team’s company must compete with the other teams’ companies and hold its own in the market over several financial years and through all the modules in the workshop series.

To reinforce the knowledge gained from this learning experience, learning input is used in each module to explore specially selected business management topics in depth, which are interpreted by the participants and applied to their own “company”. Furthermore, contributions by selected internal specialists, based on practical experience, help to cultivate an understanding of business management - specifically with Sonova’s business activities in mind.

Negotiation techniques

Managers and employees face various negotiation situations in their day-to-day working lives. They are often confronted with negative negotiating strategies and tend to resort to these strategies themselves. For negotiations to be successful, multi-dimensional scope for negotiation needs to be opened up and, based on this, practical solutions developed. This kind of negotiation methodology is also effective when the opposing side is in a position of power and is prepared to use this to their advantage during negotiations.

Communication techniques

How do I raise the issue of misconduct with my employees? How do I broach the subject of an employee’s poor performance? What different messages do my words convey?

Communicating with employees is challenging and should be approached on an individual basis according to the situation at hand. This seminar teaches us about different people’s communication behavior. It will hone your comprehension skills to enable you to better understand messages, assess situations correctly and use communication tools in practical exercises.

Presentation techniques

Convincing presentation techniques are key to professional success as presentations are such a decisive factor in ensuring your message is successfully conveyed. After all, even the very best ideas can only be convincing if they are communicated well. This involves focusing on the interests of the listener, simplifying complex information and getting to the crux of the matter quickly and succinctly. Presenting a self-assured appearance, handling media with confidence, and conducting question and answer sessions in a professional manner are also key components of this course.

Self-/Time management

Greater responsibility, digital networking and a range of different communication channels are constantly increasing the pressure on people to be contactable at all times, reducing the time available to produce high-quality work. In this workshop, we will examine our own activities to identify potential ways of optimizing performance and managing time. We will use practical examples of planning and prioritizing work, and discuss a wide range of tools and practice techniques for taking proactive and target-oriented action.

Language courses

Communication is central to understanding and interacting with one another. Since Sonova operates on an international scale, we support target-oriented language learning opportunities for all our employees.


With coaching, we aim to provide solution- and target-oriented support for our employees to encourage self-reflection. A coach provides guidance to help you complete a specific task or implement the solution to a specific problem, with the aim of improving your learning abilities and performance.

Certain issues in our day-to-day working lives can be tackled most effectively with the help of a professional external partner. This coaching might  involve professional and personal assessment or specific help with managerial matters.

Team coaching covers improving cooperation within a team, guiding an established and highly-functioning team towards excellent performance, and defusing conflict and breaking down barriers to cooperation.