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17/10/2007 | 08:00 CEST | Product news

Sonova News from EUHA

Sonova introduces four new product families under its main brands Phonak and Unitron Hearing at the International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians in Nuremberg, Germany


  • Based on the newly developed CORE (Communication Optimized Real-audio Engine) platform, Exélia, the new Phonak first class product family, features ultimate performance, sophisticated control and unlimited connectivity. Exélia allows fast exchange of real-audio data between hearing systems and between hearing systems and entertainment devices building the first Body Area Network

  • Its exceptional audibility and clarity, its wireless capabilites and its surprisingly small water resistant casing make Naída the ultimate UltraPower solution

  • The FM transmitter inspiro and the FM receivers MLxi and ML10i are the first FM products based on the new Dynamic FM technology which spectacularly enhances speech understanding in noisy situations

Unitron Hearing

  • Yuu is the first interactive, automatic hearing solution that allows wearers to adjust adaptive features and teach their hearing instruments to make adjustments automatically