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08/04/2011 | 08:00 CEST | Company announcement

Sonova cooperates with District Attorney of Zurich

Stäfa (Switzerland), 08.04.2011 – The District Attorney of the Canton of Zurich has started its investigation relating to the share and option transactions before the profit warning of March 16, 2011. This was to be expected. The District Attorney has also requested discovery of certain documents from the company. As stated earlier, the Board of Directors of Sonova will support this investigation in order to allow a complete revelation of the facts. For this reason, the Board of Directors has assured the District Attorney of its full cooperation.


The transactions in question occurred because the former CEO and CFO did not impose an internal trading ban; both have in the meantime left the company. The District Attorney is now examining whether any of the transactions were made with knowledge of the impending profit warning. Sonova had already declared last week that it would support such an investigation.


Until the results of the investigation are available, Sonova will not make any further statements on the scope of investigation by the District Attorney.


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