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20/01/2009 | 07:00 CET | Product news

Product Launch - Audéo Yes

Sonova announces the launch of Audéo YES, the world’s smallest wireless hearing system


Stäfa, Switzerland – Sonova, the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative hearing solutions, today completes its CORE product portfolio with the rollout of Audéo YES. As a result, hearing solutions based on the industry-leading CORE platform are now available in all price-performance classes and in all form factors. Audéo YES, the world’s smallest wireless hearing system with an external receiver marketed under the Phonak brand, makes high frequencies audible again using SoundRecover technology.

“By launching Audéo YES we are expanding our CORE product portfolio and are now able to deliver maximum performance with the world’s smallest wireless hearing system at three price levels”, Valentin Chapero, CEO of Sonova Group says. “With this product launch we have been able to complete the renewal of Phonak’s entire product portfolio within the space of just a year. We intend to keep up this high pace of innovation in the future to maintain and further strengthen our technology and industry leadership.”

Many people with hearing impairment experience particular difficulties understanding speech because they do not recognize sounds in the high frequency ranges. SoundRecover technology developed by Phonak makes these high frequency sounds audible again by compressing the relevant signals and shifting them into a lower frequency range that is more easily heard by the hearing system wearer. After SoundRecover technology was already successfully introduced for people with severe to profound hearing loss, Audéo YES now extends the technology to people with milder hearing loss as well.

Audéo YES hearing systems are based on the most sophisticated CORE (Communication Optimized Real-audio Engine) platform in the industry, which besides SoundRecover offers further leading-edge technologies to enhance speech intelligibility. Audéo YES employs a multi-program automatic system known as SoundFlow to automatically adapt to the wearer’s sound environment in real time. The ZoomControl function allows the wearer to decide from which direction he or she wishes to listen to speech and sounds.

Audéo YES also sets new standards in size, performance and design. The world’s smallest wireless hearing system is equipped with the most recent and most advanced microprocessor for hearing systems. Audéo YES is compatible with wireless devices such as mobile phones, navigation systems and MP3 players. The audio streaming takes place in real time and stereo. The Audéo YES housing was awarded the Red Dot Award for Product Design for its ergonomic shape.