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12/06/2008 | 08:00 CEST | Company announcement

New manufacturing and technology centre in Stäfa, Switzerland

Sonova invests 40 million Swiss francs in new high-tech production facility


Sonova is expanding capacities for the manufacture and engineering of its innovative hearing systems at its headquarters in Stäfa, Switzerland. In doing so, the Group is investing in further growth and underscoring its position as one of the world's leading high-tech companies. The new plant, which is expected to be ready at the end of 2009, will cost approximately 40 million Swiss francs.   

Valentin Chapero, Sonova's CEO, is breaking ground for the new manufacturing and technology centre in an official ceremony today. "This expansion of capacity is the logical consequence of our continually growing business," says Chapero who also announces that there will be another wave of innovations corresponding with the Group’s growth and especially the hearing system brand Phonak.


The new technology centre will use innovative production methods. Sonova's hearing systems, which are based on the PALIO and CORE chip platform, are already considered industry benchmarks to date; however in the future the company will be producing even more powerful and smaller, customized circuits in 65 nanometer technology as a result of the most sophisticated microelectronic packaging. Sonova's new manufacturing and technology centre will also be focusing more on the multi-component injection molding process which combines hard plastic and elastomers in a single flow of work. Sonova will continue to produce customized in-the-ear hearing systems using the latest digital technology.


Prerequisite for further growth


The 40 million Swiss franc centre is the third expansion in the company's history at the headquarters in Stäfa. The manufacturing and technology centre will be built on a 6000 m² area and provide room for approximately 300 jobs, laying the foundations for Sonova's further growth. The Sonova Group's investment is also a commitment to Switzerland as a site of commerce and the outstanding high-tech knowledge and resources on offer. Sonova currently offers its employees a modern infrastructure which will be further expanded once construction of the technology centre is completed. Plans include a day care centre and gym. "These are added bonuses that reflect our concept of being a progressive employer, “says Valentin Chapero.