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Christoph Schmid Career Story

"I love taking a dream and making it reality"

Meet ambitious shaper Christoph Schmid, who works as Head of Project Office at Sonova Communications in Murten, Switzerland.

From idea to reality

I’ve led projects throughout my career with Sonova. We begin by brainstorming ideas then go to consumer testing before we industrialize the product and bring it to market. That process of taking a dream and making it reality is what I love most about working here.

Sharing is caring

In my time with Sonova I’ve built up a lot of know-how. Being able to pass that on to my younger colleagues and guide them through the process of finding their own solutions is so rewarding.

Globalization isn’t all bad

Our products travel to all corners of the world. We get feedback from schools in the most far-off places about how much they appreciate our technology. So globalization does have some positives.

Still looking forward

In my early days with Sonova I thought about leaving every now and then, just to see what I might experience somewhere else. But when I finished a project, the next one would always offer something new and I could never walk away from that. Twenty years later my future is still with Sonova because I see the difference we make every day.

This is how I create sense

I create sense by leading projects that develop wireless microphone systems for use in schools. That means students with hearing loss can share the same experiences and have the same opportunities as all the other kids.

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  • Current Position:  Head of Project Office
  • Location:  Switzerland